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Which brand polo tee is nice?

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as stated in title.
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Originally Posted by res2dent View Post
as stated in title.

Well, polos and tees are two different animals. Polo makes tees which are pretty nice but greatly overpriced to my way of thinking. However, if you're talking about collared polo shirts, Polo also makes a decent one that is a pretty good value when bought at discount (T.J.Maxx etc.), J.Crew makes a nice one and I have a couple from a company called Duck Head which are very nice quality but tend to be cut a little fuller. Hope this helps.
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I just looked over my polos. Calvin Klein, Nautica, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, and Polo polo shirts might as well be made by the same company. Only differences I could see were that Lacoste didn't stitch the buttons in a crossing pattern (what is this called) and Lacoste and Polo had horizontal buttonholes versus horizontal top and vertical bottom buttonholes on the rest. Calvin Klein polos got warped at the bottom so maybe not so good. I'd buy whatever is at discount and looks/fits good. Mine were mostly $5 each except the Lacoste polos which were gifts.
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ive found that Hugo boss has the best slim fitting polos for me. at $65 in store theyre a little bit pricey but worth it
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For polo shirts I really only like Ralph Lauren. However, I'll also add that I am a complete RL whore and as far as shirts go I am mostly only looking to buy RL shirts (mostly dress shirts) from now on. I'm slowly building a collection. However, I don't really like the RL pants very much. Looking to get some APC NS soon and some more khakis for my business casual job.
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Bobby Jones polo shirts have a very slimming, athletic shirt.
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my mistake. is polo, not polo tee.
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i own several polo ralph lauren and lacoste polos and have found them to fit great every time, especially the lacoste ones.
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