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Originally Posted by letmebefell View Post

Quick question on the buttons - you have two buttons closed on your three-button SBs. Any particular reason?

I like it that way. I'm also 6'2" so it doesn't make me look short if I do.
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I've got one, worn once in about 8 years. Not a favourite to say the least.
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I have about 12 of them - they strike me as more formal. And when I have a shirt I love, but the collars or cuffs go, I just send them to my tailor for adding white collars and cuffs.
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I own 1/2 dozen.

I find that these collars look best when the shirt has white in it (even a little) and the accompanying tie also has some white. This really helps to draw out the contrasting collar. I also prefer having both contrasting collar and french cuffs; just the collar alone looks unfinished to me.
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I prefer then with a striped body. I almost always like them when the stripes on the body are small and when, from a distance, you almost can't tell that it's a contrast collar shirt. The look also works IMO with some bolder stripes.

That said, for me it's still better as a more casual look - under a blazer, etc.

With shirts like this, as with DB, I think they have to fit really really well to have a chance of looking good.
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I have a few contrasting club collars that I wear on occasion.
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Personally, I love them. Then again, I'm in finance...
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
Pardon the suit being unbuttoned.

If I were a lady I would have your well dressed baby.
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dislike them. especially those matchy-matchy white collars and cuffs on blue shirts...makes you look like a clown.

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Not a big fan, but I recently had to have a favourite shirt's collar (and cuffs) replaced with a white one and it looks surprisingly good. I've ordered a few since then with striped cloths that I'd refrained from ordering before because they'd look terrible on the collar. That said, I feel a bit self-conscious when wearing them, an unpleasant feeling. I think they are a terrible choice for solid cloths.
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If the collar, tie and shirt colors are equally balanced, I think the combination can good. But if one of the three is dull or too brigh or has a loud patter, it can look like out of place.
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I used to really disliked them. I have one striped light blue/white from H&K, and it looks slightly excentric with my charcoal flanel suits. In France, it's not attached to any social stigma and it's very uncommon. I refer to it as "my american shirt".
I think it looks much better with stripes though.

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I had one about 8 years ago from Hackett which never worked on me even though it should have.

Only slightly eccentric barristers can carry them off and even then they need to get the wild mix of colours just right.
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