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to ranjeev, yes vitals is available in canada i saw it on canadian newstands as of monday 30 august whomever asked about layout, i have to agree, there is a mishmash of layouts, typography and fonts used that isn't all that cohesive but i think overall that the magazine will do well from a content point of view and as usual, all magazines evolve it's much better than the mess that cargo has become next new magazine for men is l'official homme, debuting in january 2005
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I give Vitals a C+. The layout was a mess, and for a debut issue it wasn't stellar IMO. They did have some good layout ideas but most didn't work IMO. Some questionable advice on clothing...
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It seems they are offering free subscriptions at Check the FAQ for more information. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer it in Canada and I haven't seen it in bookstores so I picked up CARGO instead. Harami.
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Awesome tip, thanks..
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i signed up too. hell i'm already getting spam up the wazoo, what's a little more. BRING IT ON. /andrew - and spam
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