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Santoni handmades in shell cordovan

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....42&rd=1 Can anyone familiar with Santoni comment on the $645 retail listed on these shoes? Seems I've seen calfskin in this particular Santoni line at Nordstrom for around $1100. Isn't the shell cordovan around the $1,500 range?
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Shhhh. They may fit me....
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Santoni has several levels of quality that vary greatly in price. Only the "fatte a mano" shoes are the super high-priced ones ($1,295 at Nordstrom's last Saturday evening). Many of their calfskin dress shoes retail for about $450 or $495. I suspect these cordovans are at the same quality level.
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The ones in the picture appear to be Audrey Santoni (tan sock) "Fatte a Mano's" If so this is the highest level of Santoni shoes that I know of.
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Those are handmade Santoni's. That model is one of the least expensive handmades, but in shell cordovan, they probably cost over $1000.
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Thoughts on these orange-socked Santonis? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWA:IT
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AHarris...thanks for the quick response. I saw that thread; however, the discussion is really more about Japanese dress shoe magazines and asian/english pronounciation. I was hoping that someone could identify where this specific shoe fits in the Santori hierarchy and whether the listed price is a good value. Thanks.
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Blake stitched shoes can never been truly hand made, since I think it is impossible to have the needle turned inside of the shoe.  There are specific machine that does all that, though hand guided (hence the slight irregularity).  However, the outer stitch that joins the outsole is hand stitched, to justify the "fatte a mano" label.  The outsole is also hand painted. I believe the original price is $600-ish.  I admit I am not listing at a great discount, but these are rare and they do have a market.
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