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Paul smith suits

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Here are a couple of questions about Paul Smith suits that maybe some people here can answer for me: 1. Are his suits typically fused? 2. Are there brands within the brand which are of increasing quality? 3. Are the cuts typically English? Slim-fitting, very little shoulder padding?
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As far as I can tell: 1. Yes, they are fused, at least the RTW are. His custom program is not fused. 2. there is off the peg RTW and then the custom program. I could be wrong, but I think the custom is only in London. Thats what I was told last time I was in London and was at one of his stores there. 3. very slim fitting pants. I dont know who can fit in them actually. you have to have no hips and pipe cleaners for legs. flat front mostly. Im in very good shape, albeit with an athletic build (thick thighs) and I cant even get them over my legs. The jackets are a supposed to be slim too, but I would have to get them taken in through the waist. Im pretty slender in the upper body though. My main issue with PS is that they dont offer long sizes. none at all, unless you go custom. seems silly to me.
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1.  Actually, I believe some of them are fused and some of them are partially canvassed. 2.  In addition to the custom program, there are three levels of RTW: PS, Paul Smith London, and Paul Smith, from lowest to highest. 3.  I agree that the suits are fairly slim, but I don't think the pants are excessively slim.  Compared to most Italian designers, the pants on Paul Smith suits are downright roomy.  The jackets are fairly slim as well, and usually have English styling and details such as double vents, ticket pockets, and colorful linings in the jackets. In response to Phil's post, they do in fact offer long sizes - I bought a 42L from that Andrew store in Atlanta that was having the 60% off sale.  I haven't seen longs in the London stores, however, so it may be something they do only in the US market or only for selected customers.
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3. ... but I don't think the pants are excessively slim. Compared to most Italian designers, the pants on Paul Smith suits are downright roomy.
I agree, with some exceptions - one of Tom Ford's YSL (French) collections and most of Armani's pants are extremely generous to those with big asses. Only American designers have cut roomier at the butt, thighs, and legs (John Varvatos comes immediately to mind.
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the guy in the NY store told me they dont make longs. I guess he didnt know what he was talking about (not surprising, the guy looked so stoned it was almost funny). There wasnt a long in the store however. thanks for the information, ive always liked their coats, but the lack of longs turned me off. Maybe I just have thick legs (i was a ski instructor and a rugby player) but I literally cant pull them over my hips. I have a 34 inch waist.
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I've also been told by staff in the NY store that they don't make longs....a shame, really, as I love almost everything else about the styling. GFM
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