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The most stylish girl ever

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I've got three dogs back home at my parents, and while I have not lived with them for some time now -- aside from great long summer and winter breaks from school (which unfortunately must come to an end now that law school is over) -- I have always considered them mine. I'm certain that no one in my family can communicate with them better than me. They are truly the reason that I love going home so much. My oldest dog, unfortunately, was stricken with a mouth tumor a couple of months ago. I was the one that spotted it during a trip home. She's almost 13, so I didn't want to put her through extreme surgery, and opted only to have the doctors superficially remove the tumor. We had a wonderful 4 weeks together when I was home -- she recovered from the surgery quickly. But -- and it happened more quickly than I had hoped -- things apparently got really bad a couple of days ago. The tumor had grown back aggressively, she had lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks (she is a retriever), and on Tuesday my family will be putting her down. I am 3000 miles away and getting married on Saturday. It's not realistic to be with her right now and it is killing me. I really made sure to say goodbye when I left last time, but I didn't want it to be my last time with her. It looks like it was, though. I know it may be silly to be talking about this in the forum, but I thought that it'd be nice to just give her a tribute thread and to ask all of you to keep her -- Senora -- in your thoughts. She was really the most stylish dog in the world. The perfect shade of brown. The shade of brown that I will always be looking for, without success, when I need that perfect shoe. She was a great dog. I've always said that my youngest 2 dogs need us more than we need them. But we needed Senora more than she needed us. She took care of us, and she knew that was her job. I don't think I could have handled puberty without her. I will have a hole in my heart forever. I'm sorry for the post. But thank you for listening.
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I'm sorry to hear this. That's a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a wonderful dog. It's unfair that our dogs, unlike our kids, so rarely outlive us. I'm sure you will miss her, but she will always live on in your thoughts--especially when you're looking for just that perfect shoe (a life-long quest).
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Did the canine have a Hermes' dog collar Jhonny (never could spell that blasted name)? l used to have a hound, but the canine passed recently. Very sad. l still have a pussy-cat called The Hi Cat. P.S: eventhough my cats name is officially The, it doesn't mean that l call her the. l call her Hi Cat.
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They always live on in our hearts. Remember what you did for your dog. My sympathy and condolences.
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I am starting to cry a little bit right now, sharing your pain and thinking of the great dogs I've lost. There will always be a hole in your heart for your girl, but I hope there will be some wonderful dogs in your future to help with the healing.
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Johnny, Very sorry to hear about your dog. Even if you are not physically with her, she will know that you are thinking of her and that you love her. I believe this very strongly. Several years ago, my wife had a dream where she was playing with her dog, and in the morning her mother called from Japan to tell us that the dog had passed away the night before. My wife knew then that the dream was a farewell gift from her dog, and a message that everything would be OK. As you turn your focus to your wedding (as you must), remember all of the ways your dog enriched your life. She would not want to cast a pall over your celebration, so you must celebrate her life as you celebrate the start of the next chapter in your own life.
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That's funny about your wife's dream, because I had a dream last night that I was with her, petting her and telling her everything would be okay. In my dream I reached a peace that we were doing the right thing. I "spoke" with her on the phone yesterday and will speak to her on the phone later today for one last time. I had my mom cut some locks of her hair off and put it in a bag for me to keep in a special place. We are doing a Catholic wedding, so the bridge between her life and my new one will be her inclusion in the prayer of the faithful. I'm not even really religious -- that's my nearly-wife -- but I feel like the prayer of the faithful will be special to me now. Thank you for the PMs I've received and the messages posted in this thread. They mean so much to me. I am trying so hard to hold it together for my friends and my nearly-wife that this forum is a great place to share. I really enjoy the daily banter with you all and thank you again for respecting a different type of topic here.
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my condolences and empathy as i remember my pets who have passed on. my wife's and my first 'baby', audrey the cat, died in my arms about 10 years ago as we were rushing from the car to the emergency room. cardiac arrest, or some such. that one left me scarred for a while. so keep it together for the celebration, but save time later to mourn properly. /andrew
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johnnynorman3-- Your dog was fortunate, too. You were a thoughtful caregiver and companion. And she knew it. My prayers go out for both of you. Mike
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johnnynorman3- First off, please accept my condolences.  I lost my female rottie 5 and a half years ago to bone cancer.  Some things that helped me: 1.  You should focus on the good.  When my girl had cancer those were the worst of times.  If you remember the good times it is better. 2.  You will hear that to eliminate your pain, you should put all reminders of her away.  I disagree with this because if you focus on the good when you see them you won't have a problem.  I have my girls feeding mat framed on my wall. 3.  The dreams will not stop (but I don't really want them to).  I dream of my girl at least once or twice per week.  It's always about when we're walking or playing and it was when she was healthy.  I think it is my way of communicating with her now that she has passed (can still feel how her fur felt when I petted her). 4.  Posts like this where you can discuss your feelings is a very good way towards coping with your loss. For me the passing of my dog is right up there in terms of traumatic situations with the passing of a family member.  All the best. Regards, CT
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As an afterthought to my first post, I would just add that you can console yourself with two things: She had a good long life, and I am sure she was well cared for and loved throughout it. A great many dogs enjoy neither of those blessings. I hope that makes you feel a little better.
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My sympathy goes out to you. My wife and I have two dogs and one cat. These are our children. The two dogs are both 14 years old. One dog is now blind and deaf and is basically helpless without us. She's asleep in my lap right now, which is where she always wants to be. Two years ago we had to put our 18 year old dog to sleep. He was having strokes and was in pain. We both cried at the vet's office that day. The cat is spoiled and we do everything it tells us to do. I say definitely remember the good and definitely put pictures of your girl around your home to remind you of her. She was your best friend and should be fondly remembered always. Making a donation to the ASPCA or an animal shelter might be a nice gesture to make you feel better too. You can make the donation in your girl's name. Might be a nice tribute. Logan.
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Continued thanks for all of these posts. The barage of them have helped immensely. I am taking all the great advice I have received from you all. So many of you understand the depth of my grief when so many of my friends don't really understand it at all. This understanding is so healing, I have found. Saturday will be a great day -- I can just feel it. Thanks again,
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