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Yet another jantzen thread

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My uncle is in Hong Kong right now and heading home tomorrow. He just sent me this: yo, W works like s__t on this keyboard so fill them in if they are missing. i went to jantzen in central HK today. funny little place tucked in [w]ith a bunch of phillipine shops in 3 floors of shops. nice guys and busy busy busy. he had about 30 bags of shirts ready to send, probably 30 more in his book, and guys in and out of there like crazy. i bought 3 shirts, one of hich is in a purplish herringbone which i think is that new RL fabric, the others some gorgeous whites. HUGE selection anyay. i'll see ho[w] the shirts are when they arrive and go from there. i had him measure me for a suit too so i can order if i want one (approx. 350 USD for a suit) shirts ere 120.00 USD, delivered. nice. i'll have you check them when they get there. you [w]ould go nuts in this town. ferragamo, fendi, prada, ralph, dunhill, hermes, cartier, bunch of others i'm sure you [w]ould recognize that i would not. suffice it to say there is no shortage of fashion available here, if ya got the dough...most have at least one shop in kowloon and one in central. you just use your $150,000 Benz to get from one to the other. i have pictures...some. home tomorrow. cheers, ....[ends] So it looks like some of you waiting hungrily shouldn't be waiting much longer. I don't know what's taking me so long to order. Guess I'll have to do that today.
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As your uncle mentions, HK does have plenty of higher-end shops such as ferragamo, fendi, prada, etc., but in my experience, you won't find any bargains there. It's the WW Chans and Jantzens (and hole-in-the-wall dim sum vendors) of HK that offer significant value for your dollar. dan
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Could you order a suit by faxing an order? I would be curious to know the quality of a Jantzen suit. Did your uncle mean Jantzen shirts are $120USD? Aren't they only about $45USD?
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I think he paid $120 total for all three. And I don't know about faxing in for a suit. I'd expect that unless you are a very standard size they'd need pretty particular measurements. Not to mention picking out the fabric from pictures-- although I think he will send fabric samples if you email him.
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But, I can always just send them a suit that fits me. If J sends me swatch samples -- say 150 in dark grey, I can pick the material. For $350, this will probably be better than any suit that one buys RTW and then brings to a tailor to alteration.
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Some pics my uncle sent me: Ricky Ho: The Jantzen Shop:
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Well, it's certainly... cozy. Good to finally put a face to Ricky - we look to be in good hands. Which reminds me, J, are you planning on posting in the 'member pictures' thread?  
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J, Those are great pictures; thanks for posting them (I love the evening skyline). I think I am going to try Jantzen now that I can put a face to the product.
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Yes, I suppose I should post there. I am waiting on pictures of me as Patrick Bateman at a "villian party". If those don't come through, I guess I will have to dig something up. And you're welcome, fareau, for the post. I will post when I see his shirts come in, as well.
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For what it's worth, I have used Jantzen off and on a number of times over the past 18 months.  I travel to Hong Kong for business from time to time and have always placed my orders in person at the tiny Jantzen shop.  I can confirm that the shop is always busy -- it can only fit about 3 customers at a time and sometimes you need to go away and have a coffee and come back when it's less busy.  Jantzen have a lot of customers who work in Central -- bankers, lawyers etc.  They also do good trade with people on business trips -- e.g. one time I was in the shop there was a group of visiting diamond traders from New York.  Jantzen have made about 10 shirts for me together with one suit and one overcoat.  The cost of the suit and overcoat was very reasonable, especially by London standards.  Quality is fairly good -- not brilliant (e.g. I am not 100% happy with the cut of the seat of my trousers), but excellent value for money nevertheless.  Personally I would never order a suit without having my measurements taken by the tailor and then going through the process of fitting and readjustment. Also, for what it's worth, I have had four shirts made by Ascot Chang in Hong Kong (see their website).  Their selection of fabrics is much better than Jantzen's (e.g. Ascot Chang has beautiful Thomas Mason silverline and goldline shirting fabric), but you pay for the privilege.  Each shirt that I had made at Ascot Chang cost at least four times as much as Jantzen.   Obviously the cost depends on your choice of fabric.  I think the Ascot Chang shirts are better made and the fabric choice is undoubtedly better, but this won't stop me from ordering more from Jantzen because they offer such good value for money.
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I myself enjoy Ascot Chang very much.  However, whether the price justifies its quality --- well, I don't have a Jantzen shirt to compare, so see for yourself --> First look: English spread: Collar band and collar guard: Shoulder: Back pleats: Collar stitching: Button and button hole: Monogram: Sleeve: Hem: Armhole, side seam: Fabric: Different collar style: Button cuffs: Thomas Mason silverline costs US$220 (and no tax, yeah.), which is cheaper than having it made in New York ($3-ish). Other specs no visible in pictures: I asked for top-fused collar and cuffs for dress shirts and unfused for casual.  I had one shirt from a cheaper fabric which didn't feel as comfortable and doesn't iron well, so fabric does matter.  Overall, the shirt fits true to body, not too slim, and no excess bagage.  Shoulders are quite well tailored. Would love to see pictures of other shirts. Naturlaut [A quieter corner in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong: ]
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naturlaut, Beautiful shirt. The fabric looks amazing, and all the quality points of the shirt (stitching, collar, cuffs, details) look to be right on the mark. I used to be very fond of the Italian point collars that have been in fashion recently (larger size, long points) for casual shirts. I've purchased a dress shirt to be worn casually that has the English spread collar, and I love it. The next few shirts I buy will definately have that sort of collar.
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Casual spread collar is fine --- depending on how long the points are. Are they short points (2 1/2", 3") or longer points (3 1/2", 3 3/4")?
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