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Just got my 1st brioni.

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ok. I know I had to get canvased suit. I know that I could not afford retail Brioni suit. So my choice was Canali or Zegna. I was thinking MTM Zegna, but the cost was too much $3000+ CAD. I did not want anther Armani even if it fits nice.. But today I droped by Harry Rosen Outlet and old sales person who were patient enough to picking out 44R suits brought me this Brioni .. and .. I tried on .. I instantly knew this I cannot pass.. retail at $4250 CAD, I got it at $2000 CAD. Still $2000CAD is lot of money for clothing, But when Hugo Boss costs $1200 CAD .. .This is SUPER deal and SUPER garmet. I got mid-night blue mixed with very subtle white dot that gives beautiful shine .. classic two button suits. Who know I looked so much better in 2 button suit? Brioni rocks. Light, drapes perfectly, Classic but stylish its own way ...
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It's fun to virtually sit in on someone's shopping experience and here that they are thrilled. Congratulations on your purchase and may pigeons avoid you when wearing it :-) ...poor fella, like your fist sample of crack you just developed an expensive hobby (but it is legal at least). LOL, love hearing that kid in the candy store 'tone' in your electronic 'voice'.
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Ah, Brioni.....my personal favorite, I think. You're lucky to find a Brioni suit at such a great price. I have a silk and wool sportcoat arriving by UPS this week, can't wait to see it. Kofi Annan is my favorite Brioni-clad gentleman (Bond is a distant second)....I don't think he wears anything but:
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Brioni does indeed look awesome. I got to see some in person a while ago for the first time. I really do like the cut.
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Congrats MilanoStyle. I buy tons of stuff from the outlet but never anything quite as nice as your suit. I've noticed that in recent months, the outlet has sold more high end goods than it previously did (ex. Zegna, Canali and Brioni suits). I hope that the trend continues, I need a Canali in 42l
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Rajvee, I saw many Canali's in size 42R. Canali is beautiful suits. They also had Canali Exclusive with s180. @ $2000 when retail was $5000. But I liked Brioni better. Canali's shoulder was too straight for me. BTW, the avg. Canali was about $1200 where retail at $1800. so not a huge saving. When I first tried on Brioni @ harry rosen on Bloor st, I really did not like it. But this particular suit that I purchased is just too lovely.
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Brioni rocks.  Light, drapes perfectly, Classic but stylish its own way ...
So right.  Can a man fall in love with a garment?  I think that he can.
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Though I own none, I will admit to being a big fan of Brioni's garments. I like Oxxford's construction more than that of really any other maker, but the RTW styling leaves something to be desired. While I love Oxxford's doublesided buttonholes, I wish that Oxxford would use a thinner thread to sew the buttonholes. I tried on jackets by both Brioni and Oxxford, and Brioni was definitely a much better fit for me.
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Does Brioni have a class like other designers? (like premium level etc..) What would be the difference if there was a clasee? Thanks.
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Look on the tag in the pocket - there should be a model name. Let us know what it is. Millenio maybe?
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Milano, now that you know what your size is in Brioni you might keep an eye on Brioni's on EBay. Brand new Brioni suits can be found on EBay-- they usually end up selling in the US $900-$1400 range. 'Course used Brioni's can be found for much cheaper -- I've got two Brioni blazers that I bought on Ebay, both seemingly brand new that I got for about $150 each.
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thanks for the info KaBert. My suit model say TRAIANO.  And it clearly says hand made in italy. But the label inside of jacket is different than any other italian satorias that I own.  It says "Tailored in Italy by Brioni Exculsively made for Harry Rosen" on thick black patch.  Not very pretty label patch I say .. but .. you guys were right.  Well constructed suits such as Brioni creates very precise and symetric drape. Also, my fabric is 100% wool.  But no idea on density of the fabric (s120, s130, etc ..)  I suppose jacket does not have this info on, thus I can assum that the material is not high twisted wool?  But the fabric quality, color, and drape still look very not so ordary suit.   Now, I have to decide where to take this suit for alteration, since the pants waist is 38 and my waist is 33 or 34 .. and Jacket's sleeve is undone .. I want working cuff button .. Also .. I want to get hands on Attolini. Will attolini 44R fit same or similar way as Brioni 44R? I looked at this ad on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws....me=WDVW lovely looking suit .. am in love with 2 button suits .. But can I trust this seller? And does anyone know where I can try on Attolini in Toronto? Thanks ..
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I believe that seller has a good reputation: you're getting the real deal. I've been eyeing his Attolini's for quite some time....
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That Attolini is actually a three-button rolled to two.
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That Attolini is actually a three-button rolled to two.
Alias .. Are u korean or u living in Korea for some reason? cuz i am korean Yes .. I noticed that rolled-over top button .. But .. it still looks more like 2 button suit than 3 button .. but I am not keen on glen paid ..
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