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How Long Do Clothes Stay In Fashion?

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I'd have to say until a couple years ago, I paid zero attention to style in clothes. I'd keep the same sweatshirt for ten years and never give it a second thought. I'd keep jeans as long as they would last, throwing them dutifully in the washer every week.

Now, I pay much more attention to fit, color, sometimes labels (usually not), but am much more conscientious overall about my appearance.

I still feel like the vast majority of my wardrobe which I have updated over the past two years is still very stylish, even the stuff I bought two years ago.

My question is simple: how long do particular fashions stay in style? I feel like my button down shirts, in solid colors and subtle stripes, will be stylish for years to come. I'm thinking my shirts will still be stylish for several more years, giving me a five year cycle in which I can keep the clothes. Since I wash the clothes relatively infrequently, and since I have so many clothes, I feel they will last a good long time as well.
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Clothes are going to go out of fashion very fast and nudity is going to be THE next big thing.

Joking aside, if you stick to classic simple things they should remain wearible for a long time.
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"In Fashion" clothing last for about 2 or 3 seasons. That's how fashion designers stay in business. Personally, I prefer classic clothing and make it as individual as I can do it until becomes my own personal style. It never goes out of fashion. I invest in good shoes.
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Fashion comes and goes.

Style sticks around.

When it comes to a system of proportions that makes up a suit and tie, the standard changes every five to ten years.

If you pay careful attention to getting items with classic proportions, you may not be in fashion most years but the clothes will look good for as long as you have the body to wear them, like Gay Talese.
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Fashion is don't throw anything away. In a few years slim/skinny jeans will be out, then a few years after that they'll be back. Same with those AA v-necks or different washes of jeans, etc.
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Originally Posted by mack11211 View Post
Fashion comes and goes.

Style sticks around.
Ah, I love what you said so much.

Some trends have stuck around for a while, and some fade very fast (ie: Hawaiian shirts lasted what, 9 months?). In my opinion, we are seeing high quality clothes made these days (especially for men), and compared to some older stuff, it appears that current trends may have longevity compared to its predecessors.
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If you have *your own style* then it won't matter if something's IN or OUT

If you like skinny jeans now (for example), hopefully you'll still like them 5 years from now when they probably won't be instyle.

Nothing wrong with being a fashionista and following trends, but it's the difference between being stylish and being fashionable.
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It depends on the style. Some things are timeless... others have a very short shelf life. An item will usually be pretty obvious which it falls in.
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