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If you check my posting history, you can see I'm looking for cheap, plain shoes for everyday work wear (usually with wool trousers, shirt and tie, but only sometimes with a suit). Maybe this winter I'll invest in something nicer, but for the fall I need an immediate replacement for my suede oxfords, which are hurtin'. I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of some of the RL shoes that passed through bluefly over the summer. These brown plaintoe oxfords just popped up; they're of the "made in italy" variety. Not sure if I like the styling as much as I had on some of the other shoes, but they look alright, and with a code, the price is certainly right. My primary concern is that they're too casual for w/tie/jacket wear. Opinions?
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I think they would be a good, versatile shoe that would meet the needs you describe. The question is, is your office environment one where you need primarily a black shoe rather than a brown? For a "dress casual" office, I think brown would be fine, which sounds like what you have.
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Thanks for the comment. I've also found a pair of RL black captoes (brawley, had em on the bluefly website), they seem more formal (and versatile) but honestly I wear brown more. I'm an editor, so kind of academic, but in a corporate office, so etc. As for black shoes, I have a pair of black moc-toe oxfords that are holding up alright - really I need a new pair each of black and brown shoes, but the budget is taut for awhile.   I'm just indecisive. meh.
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I don't think they would be too casual at all. Brown, while casual, is IMO a necessary investment simply for its versatility. They are very vanilla, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Have you tried the clearance racks at Sierra Trading Post, or even Yoox? For a casual brown shoe, I think you can find something at better pricepoint.
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These Paraboots might be worth a look.
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Definitely get the Paraboots - great company. Terrific construction, very nice shape. It's really a casual shoe, and perfect for just shirt and pants, but good enough for non-corporate suit. Lots of Europeans do this.
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Thanks for the input and recommendations, guys. I've looked at Sierra and sometimes see some alright deals. Hadn't checked in awhile, whaddya think of these Sandro Moscolonis? I have zero experience with the brand, so I'd be a little hesitant with them, ditto the paraboots, though both look nice (oh, I'm generally an 11d, though an occasional 10.5 will do). Most of the stuff on yoox (and even sierra) is a little too styled; multiple textures/finishes, too much detailing. Vanilla is good for me, because it's gotta be versatile, 3 or 4 days a week shoe. I may hit up Filene's Basement in DC, but deals on basic shoes seem rare. Man, I went to a DSW shoe warehouse the other day with my gf. Just gross. Thanks for responding, I'll post if I make a purchase. EDIT: Seems you guys have experience with Paraboots. How's the fit? They have 10.5s but not 11s. EDIT PART DEUX: I've checked out Loakes via pediwear/plal. Also seem nicely styled (I think I posted/responded about this before, aplogize for redundancy). Are they similar in quality?
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For those Paraboots, They look like a great pair of shoes. I am a little hesitate about the stitching but that can be changed with some dark brown shoe cream.....
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Re Paraboots: I ordered two pairs form Sierra this past month: the Constant split-toe in black and the Guerny ankle boot in cognac. Sizing: I normally take US 9D in most brands. Based on my experience with Heschung shoes (also French), where 9 was way too big, I decided to order the 8.5 and it was spot on. I'm very impressed with the construction and leather quality of the shoes, especially at this price. Both are Goodyear welted and quite heavy and sort of 'country', but I wear them to the office with khakis/slacks. I would wear the Constant with a dark suit, as they are more refined then most kenneth Cole abominations, but they are not traditional dress shoes. The Guerny, especially, has a good quality leather sole with stacked leather heel (no wood filler). The Constant has a proprietary rubber sole, which is cleverly designed (there are raised sections throughout the middle of the sole, such that the edges do not come in contact with the pavement and thus do not show premature wear). The rubber appears to be quite wear-resistant too. And finally a word about Sierra service: shipment was prompt and in good shape. When I bought the shoes, price was $199. I had a 10% coupon, so I only piad $179. Then Sierra reduced the price on the website. I called them yesterday and they refunded me the price difference.  Needless to say, I will shop there again.
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