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Polo mccallum chukka boots

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Who owns a pair of these shoes? I brought them a while back and wanted to know who else brought these... I think they are excellent. I never had a shoe that polished so well. Two thin coats of wax polish and these shoes reflect like a mirror. I used the cordovan paste wax from Alden by the way if anyone cares to know. The Alden polish seems to be a bit less oily then Kiwi IMHO. They go great with bootcut jeans(double RL Ridgeway purchased from Bluefly). It almost seems like they were made for each other. How do you wear them? Also, since this is my first pair of cordovan leather, is there special treatment I should give to the leather? -HitMan009
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How do they fit by the way? And what do people think about wearing chukka boots with suits?
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I think Chukkas can look good with suits, but not these. Dainite soles look bulky with a suit.
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They are a little snug at the heel and midpoint around the arch of the foot. But nothing that is uncomfortable. Actually, I think it is good since after a few wearings, they will conform to the foot perfectly. From the outside, the shoe looks a bit on the heavy side but nothing that detracks from it's overall balance. I can't say these shoes would look good with a suit. I don't think they were made for that. As for the Dianite soles, the sole is a bit thicker but that is in perfect harmony with the design of the shoe. You can find dress shoes with Dianite soles that are not as thick and rarely would people see the difference if the sole is part Dianite, part leather. Obviously, a full leather sole is the dressier of the two but I think a bit of added traction rubber adds to the shoe is a great compromise. Since Dianite soles most of the time are welted on, replacing it would be quite easy. If everyone is hestiate in getting these shoes, I would vote on the side of getting a pair. These shoes with a pair of jeans or even chinos looks great. Actually, pants of flannel cloth would look great too, basically clothes with more texture works great with these shoes.
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I own these boots, the dainite soles dont make the boots look any bigger. You might be referring to the fudge welt of the boot, but that has nothing to do with the dainite sole. In fact, I own a pair of single soled dainite bottom EG's that are just about the most elegant thing I have ever seen. Nobody can tell that the sole is dainite. I wear these boots with everything from jeans to chunky fall and winter suits. Heavy tweeds, flannels, corduroy look great with them. Cordovan care is easy. Dont use too much polish, and you will be fine. on a tangent, I stopped by the Alden store in NYC this mornign between appts. and saw some amazing cigar cordovan lace ups. there were only a few sizes, but man were they sweet.
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I also own these boots and am very impressed with them. The last is just wide enough to accomodate my slightly wide foot, and the heel is nice and snug. I agree they look great, and I wear them with casual pants, jeans, and flannel or patterned wool trousers with a heavier sportcoat. I don't have any tweed or heavy suits, but I wouldn't hesitate wearing these boots with either. This was one of the greatest calls I've seen on this board. Thanks to whoever first brought these to our attention. Jeff
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Ach, did they have size 11 during the sale period? And Hitman, did you buy a size that you usually wear, or one size up/down?
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Yes, they did have an 11. I ordered both it and an 11.5, and found the fit of the 11 perfect, so returned the 11.5. Jeff
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Love 'em. Got them during a Bluefly sale and with a 15% coupon for only $245 (including shipping).
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I got them when I first heard about them on this board. I got the exact size I needed 7.5. At first when I got them, I thought the shoes to be a bit of the big side until I put them on. Great fit with just a little tightness at the heel and midsection. But it has definitely changed since I wore them a couple of times. I got these at $349 - 15% = $296.65. On a side note, at the Barney's warehouse sale, the I thought Crockett & Jones Seymour looked extremely tiny on my feet. I guess their handgrade last 337 are just not right for me. Any opinions on that?
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HitMan-- Did the Alden cordovan wax change the color of the boots? I like the brown color and would prefer not to change it much. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as brown wax specifically for cordovan shoes? If not, does regular brown wax work? Thanks, JE
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I think I've seen Alden's cordovan paste polish in brown color. I'll probably get around to buying some of that at some point. I've used plain old Kiwi brown paste polish on my McCallums with no change to the color or other noticeable ill effect.
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JErwin, When I first received the shoes, I found them a bit dull. As this was my first experience with shell cordovan(virgin... ), I didn't really know what to do and how to properly treat them. On AskAndy, he mentions exactly what to do. I believe the cordovan wax from Alden is bit less intense then something from Kiwi. The guy at the Alden Shop in NYC recommended that I just use Kiwi and offered me a tin of Kiwi cordovan polish. My experience with Kiwi has been quite favorable but sometimes, I find it to be a bit oily. Others on this board have mentioned that Lincoln is a great polish. Anyhows, I got the Alden cordovan wax polish instead. I find their wax to be a bit less oily. To answer your question though. I polished just the toe of the shoe. Two very thin coats. I don't think that it has changed the color too much. In case someone wants to know, here is the method I used. 1. With a slightly damp cloth, wipe the leather. Quick strokes with a horsehair polish brush now.( I don't fully understand this but the few strokes seems to make the final results better). 2. An old Jockey undershirt, with it wrapped around my index finger, 4-5 times around the wax polish to get a minute amount of wax. 3. Dabble this in a cup of cold water, just enough to see a small bead of water on the layer of wax residing on the cloth. 4. Use this to rub on the toe of the shoe. 5. Do the same for the other shoe.(this allows the wax to dry a bit on the first shoe) 6. Using the same area of the cloth, dabble in the cold water again. Small clockwise circles on the treated area of the first shoe.( Thanks A Harris for that tip). You should do this till you can barely see streaks. About 2-4 minutes. 7. Repeat for other shoe. 8. Repeat 2-7 again.(For two coats) 9. Using a horsehair brush, quick strokes over the polished area for like 30 seconds. 10. I don't have any nylon pantyhose so I used the undershirt again, grasping each end and as fast as I can, polish in every direction possible. This had yielded me a mirror-like finish on these shoes. -HitMan009
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Cool. Thanks.
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I just joined the club thanks to Mr. ZJ and his Bluefly coupon code...
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