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Manola blahnik

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I know this is the men's section but it could not find another section to put it in. My wife wants a pair of Manola Blahnik for her birthday. I don't mind spending the money if they are worth it. The pair she likes are $500. Are they high quality or are you just paying for the name?
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They are definitely well made, but mainly you are paying for the design. Women's shoes cannot really be compared in the same way men's shoes can be. Bottom line: Your wife wants them, it's her birthday. If you can afford them, buy them.
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My wife is a Manolo junkie. Your paying a premium for the name, not much workmanship or fabric to them.When NM runs it's last call though you can usually pick up the end of the seasons shoes for around $200. I'll never understand how if you look at alll the work that goes into making a high end men's shoe for around $750 and compare it to a $750 Manolo with maybe 4 inches or so of fabric on a sole that appears to be the same on 85% of his shoes? Hey people are willing to pay it I guess. It's all HBO's Sex in the City's fault...
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He also produces men's shoes as well. They are quite pleasing in my opinion.
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Womens shoes are never well constructed. M.B have o.k leather but are not built to last. Better to try old lady shoes such as Lobb or Cleverley. Well constructed shoes.
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My wife tells me they are not worth the price and most are terribly uncomfortable. She says she has heard this complaint from other women as well. They go on sale for $169 at Bergdofs during the end of season sales. As you can imagine, it's a madhouse then. She recommends and prefers Christian Louboutin.
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It is primarily an issue of looks. Jimmy Choo and Blahnik are fantastic; every one of my girlfriends (um, girls who are friends - but I can always hope) wearing either brand suddenly have a distinct sex appeal. It is quite difficult to describe, but for me, Jimmy's or Blahnik's are worth the money for a woman who will wear them.
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Charles Jourdan is also very good. Their ads in the 70's were done by the indomitable Guy Bourdin.
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