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Note, that nowhere does it say anting about Olga's race. I am giving information from a GQ last year (british edition) whereby it said that Olga was Russian, though it also stated that the company was Parisian, and as you have stated members of the family were Italian (but not Olga).
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The same pair of shoes in brown
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Should the floodwaters rise, this fellow's pants will surely stay dry, though his Berluti's may get un peu mouill.
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If I am not mistaken, this shoe is the style that led to Berluti's suit against Gucci for theft of design, or some such claim in the French courts. There was a front page article about it in the Wall Street Journal three years ago or so and they showed this style, though I cannot remember if it was the loafer or laceup. Anyway, nice looking shoe. The gucci version wasn't bad either.
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Why anyone would get a pair of Berluti in black is absolutely beyond me.
Just remembered this thread at Ask Andy's - scroll down to the pic... (wow).
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