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Vitamin water - how do i make it

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Okay, I drink "vitamin water" a lot because it is not very sweet, tastes somewhat good and has a little bit of fructose which keeps me from falling on my face when my blood sugar drops off (often) but doesn't drop me off 20 minutes later like sugary soft drinks or even orange juice do. But the stuff costs $1.50 or something for a 20oz thing of it, which is ridiculous. I don't feel as stupid paying that for this as I do for plain water in a bottle, which is available for free, because at least this stuff has some ingredients in it. But it's still too much to pay for something so simple. So I decided to make my own. I will start with lemonade flavor as I know where to get the flavor for that. I also know I can buy fructose powder and add just a little of that (if my limited research is correct fructose is sweeter than other sugars per amount and doesn't kick your ass as much insulin wise). My question is this: maybe, just maybe, the vitamins that are included help me out a bit. So how do I go about adding vitamins to my water? Which vitamins can I crush up and toss in the mix? I figure I will get the taste down and then make it a concentrate so I can just add cold water to it in a clean bottle and go. Any ideas?
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no real ideas, but i'm guessing you're gonna need some vitamins that are already in a powder form, as it's going to be pretty difficult to 'powderize' a solid pill enough that it will dissolve. i would start by searching for scientific or lab supply houses, or maybe the more comprehensive nutritional supplement shops carry that stuff. a little research ought to be able to tell you what the actual materials are, that make up the vitamins. (e.g. citric acid comes to mind, vitamin C? i think) /andrew
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Whjy not try: Rejuvalic, wheat grass juice, fenugreek sprout juice, alfalfa juice and mung bean sprout juice. Much better for you sir. Don't be conned by the other stuff. WARNING Sugar causes (up to) 300% loss [of vitamins and minerals] in the urine. Sugar and vitamins do not go togeather. There are other ways sir.
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Why not try drinking your own urine. Human beings aren't meant to eat things that your body doesn't produce itself. Drinking your own urine is the healty alternative to milk, juice, water, and beer. And its sterile. My personal hero Dr. Abernathy Q. Monkstrap lived to be fifty five years old by drinking his own urine, smoking clove cigarettes, and watching at least seven hours of television a day. He says that if God had inteded us to eat sprouts or animal flesh, he would have made us able to secrete it from our pee-pee holes. Your urine has mysterious chemical components that give you incredible psychic and physical powers like seeing in the dark, balancing your checkbook, and being able to convince women to sleep with you. Did you know that you can can absorb all the other nutrients essential to life from watching television? Its true. I've seen medical reports that state that people can even get FAT from watching T.V. Give it a try, and you'll love it. After drinking a refreshing liter of ice cold urine, and plopping down in front of the T.V., you will get a natural healthy "rush" unlike anything else you've ever tried. That means that it MUST be good for you. In fact I hear that the ancient Aztecs used to drink their own pee and watch television brought by the aliens. Aliens love to drink their own urine, and you should too... Vitamin water is totally unneccesary~.
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urine has to be drunk warm for it to do any good - refrigeration kills the life-energy and imparts bad karma.
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