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Young man...have you no shame?

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Went out for Pizza tonight and spied a 15-18 year old wearing a flourescent yellow button down shirt from FCUK with the following written on the back in flourescent yellow: FCUK to live...Live to FCUK. Is there something horribly offensive about a shirt like that (And I dont mean the flourescent yellow part ). or am I the only one that is bothered by that? So is it shock value that compells a person to buy that? And where are the parents that are paying for this crap? OK, I needed to get that out of my system cause I wanted to tell the kid off. (and I write "Kid" not because of age but because of behaviour.) Enjoy the rest of the weekend. JJF
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I was so delighted when my daughter first got to hear that word when she was 5.... Thanks for reminding me why I write that check for a private Christian school where the 'Rebels' test the limits by untucking their blouse from their uniform jumper or daring to have more than 10% of their sneakers non-white. I'm getting older and pissier too.
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well, the word is gradually being absorbed into mainstream culture as just another word. it's bound to happen sooner or later. another couple generations and people will forget it was ever a 'bad' word. i'm sure the linguistic historians among us can come up with a few examples of common words we use today that used to be verboten. which is not to excuse its current inappropriateness, don't get me wrong. the answer to the question is probably: yes it's somewhat a shock value thing. depends on where you live and who you hang out with. but it's designed to provoke. kindof reminds me of a friend's shirt from the '80's, an old punk shirt, black with a white design consisting of fish skeletons, and the text 'Spawn Or Die', which pretty much sums it up i guess. /andrew - already spawned, waiting to die
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[Begin sarcasm] Ummm...weren't the Beatles and Elvis once considered vulgar too? And how dare women show their KNEES on television (at least the Afganistan olympic runner had the deceny to wear pants). What is our world coming to? The parents(1) who purchased these clothes must have been the same type who went to woodstock and followed the greatful dead. They have definitely ruined this country over the last 40 years. None of this would be an issue if their parents had simply raised them properly. [/End sarcasm here] There's no black or white - only shades of grey. You can't draw a line if others disagree. Personally, I think the use of FCUK is a great way to point out the ridiculous arbitrariness of the George Carlin's "7 Words". I find it funny that on a board composed of ultra-Europhiles (clothes-wise) we remain so much more prude in every other sense. You do have a point about the fluorescent yellow color however. (1) I point out the HUGE assumption made here of the purchaser being parents...I reference recent NYT article on cash flow of people in the age bracket mentioned. /Token 25 year old on board
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Actually, the FEC has decided that the word is acceptable as an adjective but not as a verb. And, the biggest Christian private school in my county has a rather high number of teen pregnancies. Probably, no higher, but no less, than its surronding public high schools.
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Urg. I know that FCUK has been using such slogans for awhile (5 years?), and I thought it was pretty fcuking played out. That specific slogan implies more than just a a simple French Connection, UK does, of course, by virtue of syntax. For me, it's not about the word, it's about the label's decision to use a market-researched version of it to sell clothes. It sounds like a dumb shirt, worn by a kid acting out, which is alright; in a family restaurant, one would certainly have a right to tell him/her off, though. And while I respect the knowledge and opinion of all board members, rsp1, your post has me riled a bit. I read into your post a lot of disrespect for other posts/posters, coupled with multiple errors despite some postmodern posting self consciousness. I think the range and diversity in age and sophistication of taste on this board also renders your  "/Token 25 year old on board" sign-off confusing. /frontin'
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I've seen that clothing too and it's really vulgar and witless. Such a lack of imagination. I wasn't shocked as much as moved to pity the poor kids who must have thought this was a good idea. I'm not necessarily offended by the profanity, but if you're going to use the word f**k do it with some confidence, authority, and panache. And do it well: FCUK to live...Live to FCUK? Please don't torture me this way.
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I saw a woman's Dolce and Gabbana t-shirt in boutique window last week week. The copy read: "Sex is my favorite business." Bic
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shoreman1782 (and others) I apologize if i offended and no disrespect was meant (which is why i tried, perhaps poorly, to use sarcasm to get my point across). I have a tendency to get overly riled-up and upset at what i perceive to be older citizens passing judgement on social mores of younger generations. My signoff was directed not at the board, but at previous posters who identified themselves as post-spawned and older/pissier. And for the record, I agree that FCUK as a slogan is silly and played out. Which is why I laugh, rather than be offended, when I see someone wearing it.
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It's the new cheaper version of Moschino. Although Moschino still exists with their wit albeit not as sexually inclined. Vivienne Westwood did a lot of provocative shirts in her day of the 70's. Actually some of them still would be considered very risque today.
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Although this may not be the best time for me to post a response to this post, seeing as it is 2:17 am and I just came back from a party and am a bit drunk (well...buzzed), which may constitute my current thinking (plus FIH and I rarely disagree on anything) but I see the t-shirt as ok for several reasons: 1) First, if you mean to say that a person lives to fuck, and fuck's to live, well I would agree with that. I mean people must fuck to procreate and existence exists primarily to procreate. 2) Second, the kid could just really love FCUK and live to purchase more FCUK products and needs FCUK products to live (i.e. fit in with his peers, etc...) With people dying all over the world needlessly, shouldn't we be shocked by that before we are shocked with the word FUCK; I mean of all the things to be shocked at. Politicians never publicly curse (well, the exception to the rule exempted), but yet they steal, cheat, murder, etc...yet you may have someone that utters "˜fuck' every other word but is an honest, carrying, compassionate person. Yet, people will degrade him regarding his verbal language nomenclature. The old saying "˜never judge a book by its cover' never rung true as true to me as now. You know, I just read what I wrote, and obviously I did not drink enough; I'll try harder next time. Jon.
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I have a tendency to get overly riled-up and upset at what i perceive to be older citizens passing judgement on social mores of younger generations.  
Well, I suppose it is the role for the older citizens to provide guidance for younger generations. This happens in any society, from the african village to NYC. Besides, the social mores of younger generations are not spontaneous but they are provided to them by the society itself, or do you think that the board of FCUK company or MTV is composed by 15 years old persons? The message on the shirt is not particularly insulting, but I think it is a part of a bigger picture (for instance, just take a look at the lyrics of most rap songs), in which the message transmitted to teenagers is that bad manners are not only acceptable but they are cool. I live in Denmark, which is as free as it can get, and what really amazes me about american society is that a big issue is made of Janet Jackson´s nipples while a program like "Jackass" is broadcasted to teenagers without discussion.
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Respectfully, I think in time you might see that we old pissy types have a point. It always makes me laugh a bit when people try so hard to shock and upset those of us who are "old fogies" (all of 34) Pierce your nose, get a mohawk - whatever pisses dad off... that's cool. I think the context that perhaps you are lacking, and I mean this as food for thought rather than snottily - is that I suspect that you are not a dad of an 8 year old daughter. Someone needs to express themself? Cool. But wouldn't you agree that if I take my daughter and her stepmom out for a pizza there should be some things we shouldn't have to expose her too? Seriously - think it over, I certainly think and sometimes say that particular useful word in a number of contexts. You would probably appreciate it if i did not shout it in your mother's face, or your girlfriends, or your sisters or some day your daughter's (LOL, just wait, God gets even with us later for being men). Am I right? If I walked up to your mom and shouted what was written on that shirt you would probably take a shot at me. Why is it that some folks need to try so hard to shock and offend rather than show a little respect for others. That's what this issue is about - nobody gives a fcuk if you like to fcuck since we pretty much all seem to like to fcuk. It kinda boils down to a little respect. if your mom follows me into the pizza parlor she won't be reading anything on my shirt that she'll be embarassed to explain to your little sister. Instead, she'll be saying "Thank you" while I hold the door for her with a smile. Is that really so bad? Get a daughter and get back to me, tough world to raise one in these days. Sometimes it is good to remember that every right carries some responsibility and "I can" and "I should" are not always the same. Ask your mom.
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And we continue to bomb Iraq and wage an unprovoked war led by a fictitious president over fictitious WMDs. Make love not war. I went to several private Christian schools, Chuck, couldn't wait for those MKs or PKs to figure out what BS they were being taught.
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OOOPs, I forgot.  All Christian teachings are the root of the world's evil and pretty much everything is America's fault. I would get angry at the implication that I am a poor parent for filling her head with the awful notions, good manners and respect for others but to each his own.  Buy your kid a "Live to FCUCK AND FCUK to live" tee shirt and tell it that we are wierdos. Nice moderation - throw out an incendiary post like that and insult half of all people and call me a bad parent.  Nice. Will I now be banned for pointing out that your post was rather insulting and incendiary?  Stick with insulting me personally, don't make an implication about me raising my child badly unless/until you want to explain how you'd do it right.  That was way out of line and frankly Steve my 8 year old is far too well mannered to behave that way. Thanks for illustrating my point about how it really doesn't benefit anyone to intentionally insult and offend others. Perhaps if you had listened to some of that BS you'd have developed a modicum of discretion.
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