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Paper denim jeans

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TO answer a few questions, from this and other threads.
...Black label... Does anyone have information on this line of PDCs?
This is the experimental line. They try to emulate things that would not occur in nature, but are nevertheless cool - like the shadow from a fence on a sunny day. Very expensive (the retail starts at around $350, and really for collectors rather than for day to day wear (not for me, since I am a user rather than a collector.) Also, the cuts used to be a lot slimmer - a 33 fit more like a 32, rather than the way the jeans are cut now, when the cuts are usually very... generous. I insist on wearing a 32 or 33, and am a true 33 (wear a 50 Eu in dresspants). The original jeans often used heavier denim, and somewhat more slubbed denim (a change I bemoan) and used to be higher rise (a change I welcomed.) The cut that is not hate LTD cut used to have 5 fly buttons, for example, instead of the current 3.
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I went to Sak's in Vegas, and they one of the newer PDC jeans called "SLM." I liked them a lot, but the wash looked surprisingly cheap for Paper, and didn't want to invest $180 in something that I wasn't completely cool with. The denim, I might note, was also stiffer than most PDCs that I am used to.
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