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Originally Posted by ertu View Post

I am looking for something similar to this musette bag, does anyone have any suggestions?

this one is a bit flimsy for the price they are asking ($50) which is why i don't like it, but i am looking for alternatives

the bag is 13"x10"


Archival has a discount code now - ARCHIVAL30 for 30% off !!!!
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Originally Posted by rach2jlc View Post

After carrying Otter Green and Tan Filson briefs for so long, for some reason I kind of want that Royal Blue ish brief/backpack which really stands out. Is this a bad idea? shog[1].gif

or go even crazier
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Oh my, that Loewe Anton backpack is beautiful.

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well if you've been carrying around Filsons for a while, how about the navy Filson backpack?


I've always been partial to this Prada with Saffiano in the burgundy color:

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Any recent experience with Margiela quality? I have been looking for a simple black leather backpack, and found this one:



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Any suggestions for something similar to this Individual Sentiments bag? 


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I have access to another (new) shrunken calf Mulberry clipper. Will pass along the deal if any fellow farmers are interested.

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What brand is the Meermin for shoes or Luxire for MTM shirts? I'm looking for excellent price/quality

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Linjer seems to be what I was looking for http://www.linjer.co/

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Looking for a simple, water resistant backpack for travel / commuting. Nothing too big. Any suggestions?

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We usually don't venture out of our own affiliate thread, but this is a special occasion.

We're running a small competition for a $1,000 Linjer gift card.


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Hello all,


Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Ralph Lauren bags.  In particular, the higher end bags.  Their high end shoes are generally made by very reputable manufacturers, so I'm wondering if the same goes for their bags.




Thanks for any thoughts.

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i have a 'soft gents leather tote', which price is $995 and was $1250 IIRC.


maybe i would not buy it if i knew it's made in China first, though craft is not bad (not amazing too).  

it's said used calfskin, but the leather is not buttery. i thought it's cowhide if not see the description just now.


btw,it's a little heavy imo


no idea those other bags 

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Thanks for your thoughts.

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Anyone have experience with Octovo?


Interested in this bag:


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