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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post
Yes they do. That is exactly what happened to me for $100 w/ a pair of shoes I sent out. The person received them, as evidenced by my Delivery Confirmation, then somehow took the money back out of my Paypal account. I had already withdrawn the money (thinking something was awry), but Paypal just stuck me with a negative balance. Not to mention after I left neg feedback for them, they reciprocated and provided me w/ the only negative I've received in approx. 250 transactions.

Still wondering if there is any time limit set by Paypal for buyers to pull off this maneuver. If it's short enough, the seller could just wait it out before shipping.

You mean the buyer withdrawed the payment without raising a paypal dispute?

Any buyer can file a credit card charge back within card company's permissive time window, which can be up to 6 months. And credit card charge back is always more effective than paypal dispute. At any rate, if you don't feel confortable, don't ship to unconfirmed address. You can always offer the merchandize to the second hightest bidder, or just relist/resale it.
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Originally Posted by kimchikowboy View Post
As an unverified buyer, I appreciate your understanding. Feedback should tell you something.

Why are you still unverified?
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I guess I don't want to go through all of this. I live in Asia and it was only last year that I found out I could use Paypal here. I had used it when visiting the U.S. with a relative's credit card, but I did not shop on Ebay because at that time it wasn't (or I didn't think it was) possible to use Paypal from here. Now it is easier, which my credit card bill can attest to. Here are the steps for verification. Do users in the U.S. also have to do this?

How to Enroll in the Expanded Use Program

You're just three steps away from the freedom of Expanded Use:

Step 1:
Authorize PayPal to charge a $1.95 USD Expanded Use Fee to your card. (You will receive a $1.95 USD bonus in your PayPal account after you complete enrollment.)

Step 2:
On your next credit card statement (monthly transaction history), find the 4-digit Expanded Use Number that will be printed in the item description section of the charge. It may take 3-4 business days for the number to appear on your statement.

Step 3:
Log in to your PayPal account, click the Complete Expanded Use Enrollment link on your Account Overview, and enter your Expanded Use Number.

When you enter your Expanded Use Number, your enrollment will be complete. You'll have access to unlimited sending and withdrawals, and you will become a Verified Member of PayPal!

What are the advantages of becoming verified?
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One advantage is that occasional sellers, like me, won't live in fear of getting swindled, like I have.
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sorry I am a novice - what do you all mean by unverified buyers?
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