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Digital camera repair

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I have a decent digital camera that refuses to close. The lens came out and now stays out. Canon wants $175 to look at the thing. The camera while being decent is about 2 years old (alot of shots for my sites, but not nearly enough to warrant the problem) Anyone know of an honest reputable digital camera repair place that I can UPS it to? Thanks in Advance. JJF
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Is it under warranty? Take or send it back and demand a new one. Most consumer electronics these days are priced so that they are essentially disposable if damaged. The cost of repair exceeds the price of new. Unless you have some emotional attachment to that specific camera -- and if so, a therapist's visit may be in order -- you are typically, economically speaking, better off buying a new one.
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The only cameras in my opinion that are worth repairing are professional digitals or ones like Leica, Hasselblad, etc.
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