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Hardy Amies suits

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Are they any good? Saw one thrifting which fit nicely, but don't know much other than chorse123 sells some nice ties made by Holiday&Brown.
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Hardy Amies suits and jackets (at least the ones I've seen in Canada) are made, I believe, by Coppley (or possibly some other Canadian maker) and are lower-middle-end in quality from what I've seen--and that was some time ago at Finn's in Kerrisdale (now closed). Probably about Jack Victor quality (and maybe even made by JV). We need Zegnamtl here to get the full picture.
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The last Hardy Amies I saw was a gray herringbone I purchased probably 15-18 years ago from Men's Warehouse......and I honestly thought it was a decent garment as the time.
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Bumping this up. I saw a nice grey glenpaid jacket (it could be a stray from a suit, I didn't notice the buttons too carefully) from Savile Row for Hardy Amies at the local thrift shop yesterday. It was a notch lapel, center vent jacket, I think a 40R. I can take a picture of the tag tomorrow, but any info/opinion on the quality? Thanks.
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Wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this brand... I hear they are relaunching stateside this Fall.

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I think the HA stuff including tailored clothing is carried at Bloomingdales in midtown Manhattan.
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Aimies is long dead so this is just another label you are buying. There is no control over quality as the label implies, so buy it if you like it but don't expect it to be a mark of any particular quality. It is probably a bottom end rag.
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