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2nd day is up, with some images...

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Thread Starter images are in a folder at just find it and click it. still entering some right now including some amazing 120s and 150s incotex and some vestimenta basic wool pants that might be going in my closet..
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I don't if it's just me, but it seems that the inventory (spreadsheet) page comes up *really* slowly. The index of pictures is a lot faster. Is there a way to fix this/get around it? Thanks.
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i just pulled it up and it popped up fairly quickly for me. when you say slow, how slow? 10 minutes, 1 minute or what?
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I'm talking never. It just doesn't come up. Wierd. This didn'h happen yesterday...
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It popped right up for me - try right-clicking and using "save as" instead of "open."
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Got it. Thanks.
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just added a bunch of incotex and barbera and vestimenta pants also, there are maybe 12 boxes upstairs that haven't even been opened yet.
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you're a crazy-man. what an effort.
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Lance, Who makes this shoe? Wow.
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DiscoStu: Some more unsolicited advice... If you are renaming your jpegs, dont name them 1,2,3,4 etc... That makes all the 1's and all the 2's line up together and breaks up sets, and groups. Name them 01, and 02 so they all stay together. JJF
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Some very nice stuff. Lobb shoes too. I look forward to seeing it on Ebay.
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One word: outerwear. Sorry, I'm a jacket freak.
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those shoes are lattanzi re: numbering, i realized that but when i enter it into the spreadsheet the coding from the webstore is written to recognize it a certain way, which means i have to pay to have it altered outerwear is here. have those 7 leathers, a goatskin barbera shirt/jacket in euro 52, some other stone island pieces and a few tobacco colored cotton/linen barbera safari style shirt/jkt, not inventoried or pix yet, but they're here. my wife worked it from 830am till 5pm and i went from 530 till 1am and that'll probably go on for another 7-8 days... hella work
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Good work though...good for the soul. You may have already sold that SUV you mentioned for sale on the Forum, but treat yourself to a Mercedes SUV after all this is over.
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nope the tahoe is still available. mercedes suv? are you kidding/??
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