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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post
That and price are the two reasons I'd take it over GIT.

SoTD = Aventus

I had no idea CW and GIT had the same scent until I sampled GIT at a local shop.

The FIRST thing I told the lady was that it smelled JUST like cool water and she immediately said "it has more depth to it."

I dunno.. I'm sure it's more complex in terms of the different ingredients it has, but, like you said, the price differential makes CW that much more worth it.
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^have you tried aspen? i don't find cw and git that close to each other but agree there are definite similarities. aspen is in the same mold and way cheaper. i like it more over cw but not git...
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Originally Posted by sygyzy View Post
I am interested in ordering some scents from CB I hate Perfume but even at the $15 pricepoint for the 2 mL sample (I know this is relatively cheap but add 3 to the cart and you're at $100 already), I can't buy them all to experiment. For those familiar with his scents, can you make a recommendation of 2-3 must tries? They can either be perfumes or accord. I am new to all this. In fact, I just learned the word "accord" today, so take it easy on me. Thanks.
His scents are more easily applied (and more economical) in the form of water perfumes rather than the smaller oil based vials that he sells. His stuff is mindblowing in the way it links the sense of smell to memory, but it doesn't always make for a wearable perfume. It's great you're enthusiastic, but take it slow so you don't disappoint yourself. CB used to be the head guy at Demeter, which also sells a huge line of scents that mimic things you smell in real life - waffles, thunderstorms, dirt, dozens more. CB seems to love the smell of snow, rain, wet fallen leaves, bonfires, potted soil, etc, so most of his earth based perfumes will have some of these notes. I'd suggest the more aquatic scents since summer is around the corner. His stuff isn't terribly long lasting, so spray some on your shirt (test first) to keep the scent going. Mr Hulot's Holiday - This one is amazing in the way it will conjure up visual images of the eastern seaboard. The first time I smelled it my brain teleported me back to my childhood and the excitement of seeing the deep blue ocean peeking through rows of beachfront homes. If he ever licensed this in the form of a fabric softener or a shampoo it would sell like mad. Russian Caravan Tea - If you like the scent of Lemon Nestea Sweetened Iced Mix powder, this is a dead ringer. Not really very wearable, but interesting. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a fan of that scent, but it is another CB IHP fragrance that I've tested at length. Just buy some Nestea instead
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SOTD is MPG's Santal Noble
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Acqua di Parma Colonia
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Originally Posted by MyTailorIsRich View Post

Been looking forward to trying that one. What did you think?

SOTD - Rive Gauche
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Originally Posted by willpower View Post
Been looking forward to trying that one. What did you think?

SOTD - Rive Gauche

I was pretty impressed. It was very different from other sandalwoods I've tried. A blast of violet/ambrox (Not sure if those are the right notes, but it was floral/woody), which lasted an hour or two (with sandalwood definitely present, but more in the background), then it all seemed to fade, then the sandalwood really emerged with a very smooth, sophisticated vibe. I can still smell the sandalwood nine hours after two sprays. I don't know where the Marlboro Man hook Thomas mentioned came from. My impression is a "can you hear me now" jolt followed by a long, smooth, sophisticated sandalwood drydown. I was smelling my wrists every 20 minutes going "OK, now what's happening?"
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Yesterday, Sycomore Today, Antaeus
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Originally Posted by MyTailorIsRich View Post
Speaking of sample box, what about organizing a sample box pass around? Pretty sure that has been done here before? I was thinking everyone that wants to participate sends me minimum 5 samples they want to share. Everyone that contributes goes on the list. I publish the list, collect everything and send it to the first person. Everybody gets to keep the box for like a week (or two?), then sends it on. Any interest in this little project?

Wow, what timing. I was about to start compiling the thread. I've been working on a seed box for a few months now and just PM'd Rambo earlier this week to ask him if he thought it was time to do another one. Ok, so stay tuned, I'll get this setup later today and then post here and PM you guys for signups.

yesterday went sniffing around town and was very happy to find and pickup a bottle of Etro's Sandalo, for a very good price too! i went on the cheap and bought a different sandlewood months ago and have regretted it, so wrongs have been righted!
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Creed Green Valley
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Annick Goutal Mandragore
Sweet Citrus Fruit
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Parfum d'Empire Eau Suave today, with Tauer Incense Rose are two of my favorite rose scents.
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Last of my Bois du Cedrat sample today. An Eau du Cologne, and not a very long-lasting one at that. Instant blast of lemon (almost kitchen-cleaner level), followed by a pleasant woody drydown. One-trick pony.
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