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+1 for SMN. I know so little about AdP because I remember sampling both AdP and SMN around the same time and liking SMN's offerings so much better that I never bothered with the other. I think that SMN does "fresh, crisp" Italianesque fragrances better than anybody... perhaps because they've been doing it since the 1500's.

Personally, I still like my heavy, smells like an armpit French stuff, but if you like the lighter, crisper fare, SMN is the way to go (Melograno is another standout).
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I like the SMN fragrances a lot, especially their Aqua di Sicilia and the Eau Santa Maria Novella Classica. Both are light, citrus based scents.
The SMN shop in Florence is also really impressive.
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Hermes Vert D'Orange ... think that is how it is spelled.
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Today it is NOT heavy and humid out there, in fact it is a crisp and cool 73 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. Almost passes for autumn, so I went with Chanel Antaeus.
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Have not worn any Creeds for a few weeks, so today decided to give one of my favorite Creeds a spin. Acier Aluminium - amber, wet metal and sweetness (from ambergris?)
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Wednesday...Back to one of the holy trinity - Caron Yatagan.
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Joining the Creed wagon, my scent of the day is: Feuille Verte, an appropriate scent for a hot day.
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It is Thursday and I am wearing a decant of L'autre from Rach2jlc. I was Warned that it is a Scent With Presence, and I must say that I agree. Yes, I tested it before wearing to work today, and it is a gem of a scent. First impression: Oh Crap - it's a re-tread of Pierre Cardin for Men. Maybe you recall the 70's era bulb-top bottle. Yes, I had it and I seldom wore it - it was a hand-me-down as all my scents were in those days. I think my folks still have that bottle (still 90% full) somewhere in the dark crevices of their many cabinets. Second impression: Chergui, with a bit of cumin and a hint of Frankincense. Nice - I like this better than Chergui (which admittedly isn't saying much), it's got personality. Settling down: A little green around the edges. Still that spicy presence with a bit of tang, well-balanced, slightly cloying at times, but notably different from today's popular offerings, and definitely to be worn again, preferably in the cooler months.
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^I thought you might like it. For me, Diptyque is such a weird house... some of their fragrances are middle-of-the-road and pleasant, like Tam Dao, Philysomething(however you spell it), but then they have some that are downright weird. L'autre is odd, as is Virgilio... it's the greenest of the green with some rather unpleasant soapiness thrown in.
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Antaeus today despite hot weather.
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Miller Harris's Terre du Bois.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Miller Harris's Terre du Bois.

I am considering getting a full bottle of this after trying a decant. Does it have any lasting power for you? It does not seem to last that long on my skin.
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This today.

Created by "zee man weez zee big mustach"

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I am wearing Eau d'Hermès by Edmond Roudnitska today.
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Today it is an old standby, a relic from my younger, care-free days. Chanel Platinum Egoiste. Not really liking it like I once did, this is more of a trip down nostalgia lane.
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