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A sunny Friday brings me to L'Artisian Dzongkha: the more I wear it, the more I appreciate its incensey leather. Very not boring.

Creed Himalaya and Guerlain Vetiver, on the other hand, seem gentlemanly and safe. Worlds apart from Dzongkha and Navigateur. These days I'm tending to the worlds apart.
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A*Men Pure Coffee. I think I prefer the original, it developes alot more.
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Saturday- Burning Leaves. Another great week end scent. There is something underlying the burning leaves that I like, something crisp.
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Creed Green Irish Tweed - yesterday -Creed Erolfa
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Today, Sel de Vetiver. Tonight, Mitsuoko
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Last night, after the in-laws left, I wore Mitsouko.

This morning, after running/showering - Jicky

After doing the lawn/pool work/showering, SCS Lavendula/Oakmoss, with some vanilla added. It's like a leaner, stripped down Jicky, without the civet.
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Works for me.
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Back with the gaffed Oakmoss Lavendula (plus vanilla bean). It's growing on me, a really cheap version of Jicky, without the lemon cheesecake and civet.
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Everyday is gio armani for my fiance. i like how it just compliments his personality.
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Knize 10, leather and lace, for a cold cloudy november day.
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Today Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta
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Oh and yesterday Encre Noir
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Rive Gauche PH. I am rewarming up to this one, doesn't smell as "old ass man" as previously thought.
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Hermes Bel Ami
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Hermes Bel Ami

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