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Today I wore Bruno Fazzolari Five - a super fresh eau de cologne style with his signature mineral/chalky skeleton.

This evening I'm wearing Tom Ford Bois Marocain, which apparently has been reintroduced.
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TF Black Violet. The name of this captures exactly what it is IMO. It's a dark, dense violet with some kind of candied fruit notes. It's also somewhat woody, but that facet doesn't emerge right away for me. If my memory is right, Luca Turin characterized this as brooding and maybe as gothic. I can see where he's coming from, even though I wouldn't have thought to characterize it that way myself. I've never loved this, but I do find it pleasant.

hmmm. interesting, I'll have to try that.

p.s. I like your new photo. What happened to Dave Davies? :-)

- - -

Today it's Dries Van Noten x Frederic Malle. I really wanted to like this. The powder is nice, but it's too sticky-sweet for me. The dry back is okay, but the first 2 hours are a bit much. Oh well.

I have the same sentiments as you regarding the Dries Van Noten - it's a very good fragrance, which I totally appreciate, but it's too sweet for me.
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Parker's got to be one of the very few people on this site who still remember my Dave Davies avatar!

I'm a big fan of Dries van Noten. I find that its warm, soft-focus feel makes it an ideal comfort scent.
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Dries Van Noten is my favorite designer, so I really wanted to like the scent. I also found it too sweet. It also contains a really odd note. In its stead, my comfort scent is Bond No. 9 New Haarlem.

Wearing Italian Cypress today. As I have mentioned before, it smells like a fresh version of classic Polo Green from the 1980s. My 50 mL split from Master-Classter is almost gone. Fortunately, I bought two backup bottles so it will be in my rotation for awhile.
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Got one last flacon of that left! And from the original 'Milan exclusive' formula too.
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I've been wearing a lot of amber lately. Amber Sultan on Wednesday, then Fire Amber Baby from Cult of Scent yesterday. I don't think anything I wear quite gets the third party response that a big amber scent delivers. People seem to love it. I love it too, though it often feels a bit too much, especially in warm weather.
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I'm wearing Patchouli 24, which is a very comforting scent for me.
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I am an impressionable person and so of course I wore Dries van Noten as my SOTD. I find the opening to be bittersweet, but the bitterness is much more prominent to my nose than the sweetness. I wonder if different noses detect those two facets differently because I actually don't experience the scent as being unusually sweet at all. As always, I am enjoying this a lot.
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I see what you mean by "comfort scent". That's an interesting concept probably deserving more discussion. 


Today it's Encre Noire -- or as my friend likes to say "Sycomore's little brother". 


Great packaging design, black cube inkwell.


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TF plum japonais today. I really like it but so far no one else has commented/noticed it. Unlike Aventus (which I will start to wear less now that it looks like the heat has finally broken) that has received compliments all the time confused.gif

Id probably be shunned here but I think I prefer oud wood and plum japonais to amber absolute. Not that all 3 arent stunners. Just personal preference.
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Cult of Scent - Karavanserai

It's a pleasant but very linear cedar/vetiver. Very low sillage.
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That was my impression of Karavanserai as well. Lot's of cedar, not a lot of development. I really like Sweet Libertine, Fire Amber Baby and The Hedonist from that collection.
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Great - I'm going to delve deeper into the sample pack today. It's a shame the samples don't include atomisers.

Into the Woods was a similar experience to Karavanserai - it reminded me of a natural version of Molecule 01
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Today I'm wearing Dans Tes Bras.
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El Attarine by Serge Lutens. This one combines two of my very favorite notes: cumin and immortelle. I suspect that this is a love-it-or-hate-it type scent, since both of those notes are pretty divisive. I'm definitely on the love it side.
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