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Some good ones today/yesterday. And L'inc, glad to see you sharing the love of fine sniffery. Then again, it's hard not to love Malle once properly introduced.

I'm going to wear a sample of Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit I received the other day; it's nice, and I love Grapefruit scents. I can't say I like it better than Pamplelune, but it's still a crowd-pleasing, user friendly grapefruit with a hint of sparkle (hence Hesperides). In general, though, I like my Grapefruits more overripe and my Hesperides with a bit more green.
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Pamplelune was one of the first scents I read about from you many many years ago and I still have my bottle. Have been working through my collection and also sharing with my gf and she just went through a phase where she wore it constantly. So thanks!
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I was going to mention Pamplelune as a guerlain suitable for guys, great summer scent. Another one that comes to mine is philtre d'amour (old formula, the bottle looks like a sex toy); also great for summer, citrus with a light touch of jasmine and iris.
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In the Guerlainophilic spirt of this thread, I am wearing Parure. It is an old fashioned mossy floral chypre in the classic style of Mitsouko. It is plummy instead of peachy and features a prominent rose note. It was released in 1975, but I think it was probably a bit dated even then. I suspect that most guys would find this too feminine to wear, but I'm happy to wear it.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Anyone try the new TFPB Vert series yet? Thoughts?

I sampled Vert de Bois, Vert Boheme, and Vert d'Encens today at Neiman's. Vert d'Encens was the big winner in my book (and seems like the favorite of the Vert series among most online reviewers). Green, pine-y, and incense-y, it smells like the love child of Italian Cypress and Memoir Man. Definitely worth further investigation and possibly a buy at retail.
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Tom Ford Black Orchid today. I had a bottle (and loved it) when it came out ten or so years ago, but never replaced it. Had a sample and applied, and immediately remembered why I liked it.

Among newish mainstream/designer scents, it really is fascinating. It manages to be dark, rich, warm, sweet, yet compelling without being cloying. Good sillage, good longevity. It also has this sort of gourmand-like feel, without being in any way a gourmand. It definitely still holds its place in the huge glut of scents that have come out since.
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Tonight I am wearing Dior Homme EdT.
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Tonight I am wearing Dior Homme EdT.

Great. Like TF BO, Dior Homme was one I tried almost as soon as it came out. I had fashion pieces from Hedi's earliest seasons, and this EdT, and also the limited ones (Bois Noir, Cologne Blanche, etc.).

Great blast from the past, and a great iris scent. I haven't smelled it in years, so I have no idea if it is still the same.
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It's such a good fragrance. I was late on the bandwagon but have a vintage and reformulated bottle. They're both excellent. The vintage has a definite patchouli note not unlike Le Labo's Iris 39.
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

I bought a sample pack from Cult of Scent based on Luca Turin's recent review on his blog. It arrived in lovely packaging, with a nice hand-written note.

Yesterday I wore In the Woods. Turin described it as a new take on a classic Eau de Cologne. I didn't seem particularly 'novel' to me, but it was nice example of the style, with a dry woody note in the drydown (Turin called it incense but I didn't get that) and better longevity than I expected.

Today I'm wearing Something Beautiful, which was Turin's favorite. It's in the mold of classic feminine scents - the main accord, according to the notes, is orange blossom, neroli and tonka - very powdery. Not really my style, though I like it well enough. It's very hot here, and most of the scent has disappeared after a couple hours, but I'm sweating and didn't apply very much. I'll have to sample it again to get a better idea of this one.

Good on you for supporting the Aussies. Jocelyn is in a couple of the Australian groups I'm a member of; she's a lovely lady.
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Still powering through my Guerlain collection. Since L'hB:

Mouchoir de Monsieur. Lovely lavender fragrance with a creamy vanilla dry-down. If I ever see an affordable bottle, I will grab it.
Heritage EDT. I mostly get sandalwood and patchouli from this one, after a greeny opening. Could make a good spring scent.
Songe d'Un Bois d'Ete. This is all oudh at the start, but by the end of the day , it had turned into more of a floral with a bit of a sharp edge to it. I may be smelling jasmine and bay; not sure, my sense of smell is not that good. I'll miss this when my tiny sample's gone.

For Father's Day - something special. Still crazy after all these years (my best guess is this is about 100 years old).

Today: Cologne du 68. A sort of sweet citrusy cologne that I really enjoy in the spring and summer. Lasts better than a lot of EDCs out there, too
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That's a gorgeous bottle!
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Today I am wearing La Via del Profumo Tawaf, a gorgeous heady jasmine. This leads to a challenge to you guys to wear a white floral. My favorites are this, Jasmin et Cigarette, and Tubereuse Criminelle. Oh, and Diptyque Olene. I think they all work very well for men.
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Nanban by Arquiste. A really wonderful fragrance. To me it's primarily a woody scent (sandalwood), but there's so much else going on as well. It's a somewhat high pitched, smoky wood but with a good dose of olibanum as well. And now imagine a black tea note in the mix too. It's very complex but yet coherent. It definitely leans masculine IMO, but it's a very contemporary take.
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Today is going to be Gaultier Le Male.


It's 1 of only 5 of the 30+ fragrances I've worn that are approved by all of my 15 or so female coworkers for me to wear at work. And since we have to work in close proximity, I actually pay attention to that.



3 of the others, I reserve for the days when I'm going out for lunch or drinks with specific co-workers. They each have their own favorite. So all of the other days are either Body Kouros or Le Male.

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