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Pre-shower: TF Orchid Soleil. So far I've been a big fan of all the Black Orchid flankers. This is the newest one and it's also a winner. It's much more of a tuberose scent than any of the others, and the tuberose has a somewhat aggressive camphorous aspect, like a more subdued Tubereuse Criminelle. It's not as office friendly as Voile de Fleur or Velvet Orchid, but it's more versatile than the original Black Orchid. Things fall apart a bit in the drydown, where it develops into a somewhat nondescript creamy sweetness. I did apply pretty conservatively, though. I've seen reports online saying this resembles TF Soleil Blanc. As happens almost 100% when I see comparisons online, I have no idea what those people are talking about.

SOTD: Eric Buterbaugh Thorns Rose. I don't like this one as much as the Sultry Rose. What I smell doesn't correspond very much at all to the notes that are on the Eric Buterbaugh site. What I get is a floral blend of geranium, rose, and some violet. I think I'm also getting ambergris--not so much the soapy kind but the sharper kind. It's a louder, more extraverted scent than Sultry Rose.
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This evening I'm wearing Tubereuse Criminelle.
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Man Bois D'ascese is just so frikken awesome. This will barely last me a year. Can't get enough of it.
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Damn, I gotta go try it now. Haaa.
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Has anyone tried the Cyril Salter French Vetiver shaving cream? I just blind bought a tub after I couldn't figure out what it would actually smell like. Slightly scared by the numerous comparisons to Encre Noire. Seems to split the wet shaving community but those who hate it seem not to know what vetiver is...

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SOTE is Dzing! I contend that it is impossible not to like this. I know some people say they don't but I think they are being paid by rival perfume houses.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

SOTE is Dzing! I contend that it is impossible not to like this. I know some people say they don't but I think they are being paid by rival perfume houses.

Big fan of Dzing! My first bottle of it was a decant given to me by @Thomas as a trade for a decant of Sycomore sold to me by Master-Classter.
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Haaa, and I now own a bottle of Dzing! which I believe I purchased off Thomas many years ago, so looks like I've got the rest of your portion there :-)

Speaking of which, the guy's been on for nearly 10 years, has nearly 30K posts, and then suddenly just stops posting some time last year. Good news or bad news or just 'normal'? I always wonder when it happens
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He's a very involved father (I had to say that because Thomas is TOTALLY someone who would be a deadbeat dad) and I believe made a career change over the past year, so I think those are the reasons.

Today I'm wearing Portrait of a Lady.
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Sova. Weird but good. Noticing less of the "drunk rasin" aspects today and more of the tobacco--a difference I'm enjoying.
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all of a sudden this Sova smells like an eggo waffle with maple syrup on it

i'm not sure i'm complaining
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all I got from Sova was stewed prunes, and old bananas in syrup
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Pre-shower: SL Une Voix Noire. That is a really smoky, dirty gardenia. If you don't really like gardenia a lot, you're not going to like this.
SOTD: True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux for a night at the Cards game.
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I'm no vintage hunter and was browsing something else but this came up... is it anything special or are these sort of vintage Guerlain items fairly common?

Is this just some old EdC or something or is it some sort of discontinued guerlinade type scent or what?
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I can't speak for all EdGs but my vintage EdG is crap. I mean, it literally smells like nothing. Or maybe a glass of salty lemonade. I wouldn't even pick up a free sample if someone gave one to me. Can't tell if it's the sample or the scent.


Huge contrast to other citrus scents of the era like Monsieur de Givenchy which whilst similarly short lived, at least smells interesting for half an hour.

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