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Amouage Jubilation XXV. I wear the feminine Jubilation quite a bit more than this one, but I enjoy XXV a lot too. It fully deserves all the praise it gets in the online fragrance community, IMO. (The feminine and the masculine Jubilations are as different as different can be, BTW. The feminine is an old-school feminine chypre.)
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^ Sotd twinsies.
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Originally Posted by Supergenius View Post

Diptyque Tam Dao EDP today. After trying and liking the samples, I was given a FB for Father's Day. I'm really enjoying it.

Same for me today.
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Just bought a FB of the original (early 1970s, pre lettered batch codes) splash bottle Hermes Equipage EDT and also early 1970s Monsieur de Givenchy (the latter a blind buy - I don't own a sample).


Now settling for the long wait...


Amazingly, MFK AUF can still be smelt in my apartment almost 2 days after spraying. Strong stuff. I just made some tea with fresh cut bergamot peel and there's definitely some similarities, but the AUF smell stays identical throughout. Whilst I admire the cleanliness and lasting power of these newer fragrances, part of me misses the quiet comfort of vintage stuff...

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SOTE Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan. 


I approached it with a different mindset this time, keeping in mind that 1. osmanthus is really hard to do well and 2. Ellena is a minimalist watercolour master. 


The top notes of pure, realistic osmanthus are of course unforgettable, but if you think about what comes after as a tea fragrance, you can detect a light umami mouthfeel similar to white tea and a touch of citrus in the peach that follows the osmanthus. As time passes, these two facets sharpen against each other making the fragrance a tad feminine, but it remains pleasant and delicate. 

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Yesterday I wore Jules. I think it's "semi vintage", which is a term I just pulled out of my ass. The bottle looks like this:

I got it from a shop in St. Helena that had a stockpile of really nice old stuff.

Last night I wore a lovely extremely soft patchouli fragrance, even though the patchouli is quite powerful in it: Histoires de Parfums 1826. It's not that dissimilar to George Sand.

Today I'm wearing Satori Iris Homme, which is an extremely elegant natural iris (I have a photo somewhere of me holding a bucket of iris butter owned and used by Satori herself) with a mandarin note that lasts quite a long time.
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^^^ I wore Jules yesterday, I think I wear it more than anything else these days. I like that it smells like a bar of french milled soap, but it still has an underlying "dirty" quality. I'd like to find a reasonable vintage bottle. I'm also curious as to what the stuff they're selling today in Dior boutiques smells like. Where is St. Helena?
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trying out santal 33 this morning. it starts out pretty feminine, and then i get a big "scratch-n-sniff pickle sticker from elementary school" smell. that dill smell lasted about 2 hours, but now i finally can smell wood, and i like it here. but it took 3 hours to get here.
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I think Santal 33 got a huge push when the New York Times Style Magazine reported that lots of celebrities were wearing it. And I know that STC got completely overwhelmed with orders when it was mentioned on Jezebel. I was really surprised to discover what a hit the scent had become because I find it almost unwearable.

My SOTD is another Le Labo: Jasmin 17. To my nose, this is very much an orange blossom scent. I've never tried their Fleur d'Oranger 27, but it's hard for me to imagine it being more of an orange blossom than this one.

Over the years that I've been interested in fragrance, my evaluation of the orange blossom note has changed more than any other. I used to strongly dislike it because of its density and soapiness. But now I enjoy it a lot, mainly because of those same qualities. I think my favorite orange blossom is still Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger.
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Is Rochas Man a pretty safe blind buy? Decided I do need something a little less polarising than Bois D'ascese for the odd occasion.
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As blind buys go, I think Rochas Man is quite safe. It's inexpensive and it's just a nice, pleasant scent.
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i can still smell the santal 33 right at the point of application, about 10 hours after putting it on, and i love this last trace--it reminds me of an old mountain resort i spent time at as a kid.
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Speaking of Rochas, have y'all smelled or worn the discontinued Rochas Lui? I have a bottle of it, which I blind bought from a Basenotes member and I think it's one of the best masculines I own.

And regarding the pickle smell in Santal 33, I never have noticed that but figured I would have considering how evident it is to you guys. I hope it doesn't pop out now!

Tonight I'm wearing vintage Giorgio for Men because I'm just relaxing at home and it's cold as hell outside (speaking of great masculine fragrances).
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Rochas Man is harmless enough, I just find it a bit immature though. I mean it's like saying Cool Water or Joop! They're fine, but not really great.

I think there are plenty of good niche gourmands that are easy to wear too and don't have to cost that much. Even Lutens for example a lot of them are available for $70-90 online and some are safe-ish blind buys.
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Happy to hear other recs.

I like the idea of a sweet coffee fragrance that's easy to wear.
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