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Le Galion Special for Gentlemen today. I don't get much of a balsamic warmness off this; more of a lavender bomb. Today was effing coled, so I would have preferred something more in the amber realm, I think.
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Milano Caffe was quite a success despite the top notes, which are chocolate and coffee in a tiramisu-style mix (probably the vetiver underneath), and therefore quite sickening. It had surprising projection and longevity, lasting the whole day despite several km walked outside in the tropical heat. Very suited to this heat, too.


Now I need to try the other Dubrana stuff...


How is Muschio di Quierca? Colin Maillard on Basenotes mentions it is actually a vetiver fragrance despite the name. How prominent is the moss? What non-Middle-Eastern smelling fragrances are worth trying from AbdesSalaam?

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So after having finally run out of fragrances various exes have given me over the years (they've had good taste - they went out with me, after all), I bit the bullet and went to a store with a collection of quite decent perfumes and scented candles.

Although I went in with the intention of getting something light and easy, I ended up with quite the opposite in Bois D'ascese by Naomi Goodsir. It is very distinctive - really smoky and woody, but not in a luxurious way - it kinda feels bleak. I really like it. It's perhaps going to be off-putting to some people.

Certainly not versatile if you need versatility. I don't. It's winter down here and I'm wearing it daily.
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You're right, Bois d'Ascese is definitely the opposite of light and easy! But for anyone who likes smoky woods, it's certainly a must try.

Speaking of not light and easy, I wore El Attarine. It's a lovely cumin scent with that standard Lutens dried fruit note. (It seems like apricot to me.)
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huh, was just eyeing my sample of that one the on Friday as I was sorting through various bottles.
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I really need to try it - seems right up my alley.
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SOTD Encre Noire EDT. I passed by Yasina and decided to see if they had any Equipage, alas no. But they did have EN, so I sprayed a bit, enjoyed the nuttiness, and decided to part with S$45 (USD 33) for the 100ml. I've always loved the bottle - it's probably my favorite of any fragrance and Lalique my favorite glassware name - and thought why not have a new paperweight, at least. 


It definitely holds its own as a vetiver. It's a rounded and very nutty one, warmer, I think, than Malle's. But this is a mainstream scent and it shows. The synthetic side appears relatively quickly; there is a slight artificial rose note bordering on the citrussy that cuts into the vetiver, and the other woods don't have the stark purity of more expensive bottles. I prefer the gentle complexity of the vintage Givenchy, and the depth of vintage Carven, but at that price, can't really complain. 


The projection is, of course, very good, I think I've read about Iso E Super. Weekend or evening only.


I also tried Bentley For Men. This is a less complex Enigma by Roja, at around 1/10th the price. Too much for me, but it was pleasant enough. I'm curious about the extremely hyped Intense flanker.

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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

You're right, Bois d'Ascese is definitely the opposite of light and easy! But for anyone who likes smoky woods, it's certainly a must try.

Yeah I'm loving it. So smokey but austere at the same time. I may need to pick something a little more unassuming, but part of me just thinks fuck it, people can deal with it. I might change my mind on that.

I will definitely get something else for spring and summer, of course.
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That's right, if you like/love it then people are just going to have to deal with it.
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I try not to get too hung up on packaging but I really love the Encre Noire one. The scent I find decent, let's say 6-7/10, it's cheap but good enough for your average user but with the box and bottle I give it more like a 7-7.5/10.

oh here's a question... for those of you who do a preshower scent, is this being applied while wearing pajamas? Doesn't the smell stick for a few days then? I often get up and work at my desk for 2-3 hours then go shower as a break but if I spray something for example as a go to sleep / settle in for the evening scent the night before it's still fairly strong the next morning.
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I am wearing Tom Ford Tuscan Leather today, despite it being 90 degrees, with swampy humidity. I would normally wear something lighter, more aqua based in this heat, but I just wanted to wear it. Tomorrow I will probably go lighter, but who knows!


I have actually been thinking of adding Acqua di Parma Colonia for days like today, but it just feels so common. Thoughts? Maybe something from the Santa Maria Novella line instead?

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SOTD is MFK Lumiere Noire. My favorite rose scent that I have not worn in awhile.
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When I wear a pre-shower scent (which is almost every day), I'm just putting a little spray on the top of my wrist. I usually don't wear long sleeved pajamas (or if I do I roll the sleeves up), so I don't have a problem with the scent lingering in the fabric.

SOTD of the day is Diaghilev. It's a dense, super mossy old school chypre in the style of Mitsouko and Amouage Jubilation 25. I'm not over the moon about this one the way a lot of people in the online fragrance community are. It's certainly very nice, but I'd actually prefer to wear Mitsouko or Jubilation 25.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

I try not to get too hung up on packaging but I really love the Encre Noire one. The scent I find decent, let's say 6-7/10, it's cheap but good enough for your average user but with the box and bottle I give it more like a 7-7.5/10.

I was not going to comment on this since it's the SOTD thread but what the hell...


FWIW Encre Noire is one of three objects of minimalist designs that have really gotten a reaction out of me. The first was the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin by Mies, which got me to understand the point of minimalist architecture with very high quality materials and finishing, and "perfect", interesting, captivating proportions. The second was my iPhone 4 which I bought in Zurich next to the river (I still remember my first encounter with the thing, that tells you something) many years ago: it was otherworldly, so far from what people expected from a "phone", with excellent symmetry and that glass on both sides... 


The third is the Encre Noire bottle, which has as much presence on my desk right now (where it's going to reside for a while) as the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I've always liked Lalique's glass work whilst the other makers left me bored; there is an eye to the house style, a certain taste and originality which is not immediately obvious and is all the more powerful for it. The bottle is the deepest black you can make something shiny; the engraved ENCRE NOIRE in its perfectly proportioned, minimalist font; the extreme symmetry; the contrast between the "perfect" shiny black glass and the dark brown, striated wood: this is design at its finest. A FB buy is worth it for the bottle alone!


I agree about the scent. Right now I'm getting mulberries (maybe mulberry jam, there's a sweet sourness to it - I thought it was rose earlier) and pepper. The vetiver, much as the scent is revered for being one, almost takes a second role or is so modified as to not be as interesting as a pure vetiver; LT calls it distinguished or something, on the contrary I feel it smells a little cheap compared to the great vetivers on the market. Wikipedia says this contains 45% Iso E Super; this could be the source of the problem, the screaming of the scent after the complex quietness of the vintages and AbdesSalaam's natural perfumes. 


I think what I might do is try and decant the thing and donate or swap samples to the Singapore perfume group; and later, if I can source Givenchy vintage Vetyver, put that in the bottle instead (yes, sacrilege, I know).

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Today I'm wearing Tubereuse Criminelle. For those who love white florals, this is a masterpiece.
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