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Idole de Lubin EdT.
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Left wrist is current formula YSL Kouros, Right wrist is an older vintage of the same. Both decent but the older one is definitely deeper and more raunchy. It also seems to meld into the skin more whereas the new one is sharper and is projecting more.

Still not sold on if I can wear this bad boy at 30 but we'll see. My gf who's come to like some of my weirder stuff like oud, musk, incense etc still thinks I smell like a public toilet and her father 20 years ago.
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Speaking of Bogue, the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was "I want to wear Cologne Reloaded." And so I wore it as my pre-shower scent. It's very dense and quite medicinal to my nose. And there's something in there that I interpret as meaty, sort of like the impression I get from Kölnisch Juchten.

My SOTD is The Night by Frederic Malle. There are a million rose / oud accords on the market, but this one really stands out from the pack. The rose really shines through later in the drydown, and it's one of the most beautiful rose notes I've encountered.
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Another foray into Sultan Pasha, this time Tabac Grande. This is the weirdest smelling tobacco scent I have come across. The opening isn't tobacco at all for me, rather a thick slab of sticky, syrupy fruit cake. Half an hour later you realise the cake is studded with tobacco leaves. Oh, and it's served on a bed of dry, warm sawdust.

Projection is modest but it lasted around 6 hours on me. The dry down was better, with the warm, dusty tobacco lingering and with most of the sickly fruit notes having dropped off.
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I'm layering MPG Baime with Frederic Malle Une Rose. I've had a small bottle of Baime forever, but I rarely wear it. It's supposedly a basil scent, but I feel like the basil is not as prominent as other green notes - vetiver and possible thyme? The opening notes give the impression of natural bug repellent spray, but the dry down is nicer. I decided to add some rose to soften the opening, and I think it worked out OK. I think next time I may try to layer it with Kiehl's Musk.
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Friday I wore Eloge du Traitre. I seem to have gone off ELdO lately, not wearing them nearly as much as i used to. This one comes across a bit odd to me: pine and cloves. I'm not sure that it works, and it's just OK on me.
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Originally Posted by DeSense View Post

Sprayed on YSL M7, from a twelve ingredients vintage bottle.
Opening is mostly citrussy with a hint of amber. A bit later it's becoming somewhat medicinal, like a spicy Wick Vaporub. Dry down is as advertised pleasantly musky and woody, ever so slightly sweetish vanilla(?).

I liked M7. I bought a sample and wore it for a couple of days and I liked it but it didn't make it to my favorites. Still good stuff, though.

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Nio by Xerjoff for summertime...

It figures that this is one of my favorites as it's so expensive!
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Just ordered a split of Cedrat Boise from there... I'll definitely check there more often.
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Profumum Fiori d'Ambra today

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TF Velvet Gardenia. It's not at all surprising that this got discontinued as quickly as it did, as it is definitely not an easy scent. Nonetheless, I enjoy it quite a bit.
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Today I am wearing Salome by Papillon.
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Playboy Hollywood today. I was sorting through my drawers and found this. I had no idea where I got it (probably some op shop) so I thought I'd wear it to the football and see what it's like. Well, it smells like Code and dries down to a very crisp, very synthetic-smelling lavender. Lasts a long time, but that's not always a good thing. I think this goes back to the op shop.
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TF Shanghai Lily. Absolutely lovely bright, creamy, yet somewhat metallic floral.
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I put on some Tom Ford's White Suede from a sample I got years ago. The whole "White" series seems like a huge ripoff to me.
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Some people are apparently anosmic to musk, but I think I must by hypernosmic to it because that's almost all I get from White Suede.
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I tried Sultan Pasha's Nankun Kōdō last night after reading Kafka's beaming review. Unfortunately I really couldn't get into this. As soon as it hit my skin I was assaulted by something intensely salty and unpleasant. The closest analogue is pinetarsol - a briny, tarry liquid used to treat chickenpox. I quickly scrubbed it off.

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