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At The Perfumed Court you can get atomizers for samples as small as 1.5 ml. And at Surrender to Chance you can get sprays for samples as small as 2 ml.
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Sotd was Terre d'Hermes. With warmer spring temps it really shined today.
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And today it was my first wear of Amouage Epic Man.  Very nice and definitely ok for office wear.

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I am wearing Venetian Bergamot today. I really, really enjoy this one. Of course this is America (where I'm typing at least) and so you have the freedom to disagree. But just remember that I have the freedom to respond to critical words with open-hand slaps. (I might be confusing the First Amendment with the rules of professional wrestling. If so, my apologies.)
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Fore- or back-hand slap?

Why would one disagree with your enjoyment? Even in America...

I think Neroli+Portofino+Forte is not for me. I'm getting granny vibes from it. Second round spray didn't help much. Forte I cannot "see" too much of in it.
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Finally something new to report. L'ombre dans l'Eau, from Diptyque. I have a soft spot for blackcurrant, and this one blends it with rose. It's a nice variation from all of my big, heavy stinkers.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

My SOTD is Dioressence, from a vintage mini I bought on eBay. Is anybody able to roughly date this for me?
Speaking of vintage, check what I found in a flea market this morning.

Good finds. Dioressence is probably 1980's, based on the bottle. Not one of my favorite vintage Diors (it's in the same universe as CHAMADE, but not as good), but still a fun one to try.

For vintage Diors, the best to find are Eau Fraiche, Diorella, Diorama, and Diorling. I'd add "Dior Dior" but it's almost impossible to find anymore.

All of these don't age well, given their crisp top notes, so unless they were stored VERY well... they tend to have some (bad) funk.
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Originally Posted by rach2jlc View Post

Finally something new to report. L'ombre dans l'Eau, from Diptyque. I have a soft spot for blackcurrant, and this one blends it with rose. It's a nice variation from all of my big, heavy stinkers.

Always been a fan of L'Ombre dans L'Eau.

Today I'm wearing Lonestar Memories.
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Xerjoff - Nio. I really like this scent. Might be something I'd get in the future.
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New fig today: Flagrant Delice by Terry de Gunzburg.


It might come in a deep red packaging, with as feminine a name as it is possible to do. The other samples I have from Gunzburg might be going straight to my wife. But...


This is a drier, more subtle fig than Philosykos, with top notes of groseille (redcurrant), reminds me of my grandmother's home made groseille jam, and just the slightest hint of coconut to Philosykos' coconut blast. And I think groseille + fig = genius pairing. The notes say cassis (blackcurrant) but to me this is groseille.


The thing with fig is that it's overwhelming. It's a heavy, obvious scent and a ripe fig off the tree is a very sweet, flavorful thing with nothing to hold it back. Whereas groseille, you can have 60% sugar in your jam and it's still so sour and fresh and high pitched that it doesn't feel sweet until you get thirsty from all the sugar you just ate. The hint of groseille just cuts straight back through the fig and balances its power out beautifully. Philosykos does this differently, hinting at the tree, which has a drier, more aromatic scent, rather than the fruit.


I don't understand why this is slammed on Fragrantica. Quite a lovely thing. Does not project much, just enough that I can enjoy it, and I think I'll wear it more often, provided it does not devolve on the dry down (that kind of top notes can easily turn into cat urine). I think it's very French, so maybe it's not as appreciated over the pond. 

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I now understand. Longevity of FD (EDP!) was about... 1 hour. I resprayed, harder, and again, barely over an hour. This is 100% top notes. There's a trace of fig left on my collar, but I think it's side spray (on the cloth) rather than any kind of base notes. 


Philosykos remains the king of figs.

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True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux. This might be at the top of my list of favorites right now.
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Playing it safe today with Eau de Guerlain. 

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Just wanted to share my first experience with E-N (the known German site).
Top marks for a great international shipping experience (to Asia). Ordered LADDM and a Creed (with a batch no. request attached to it, which was fulfilled!).
On top received three full-blown EdP samples as requested (all Malle, in surprisingly generous and nicely packaged 3.5ml(!) spray form) plus another three random ones. Oh, and shipping was FOC. Well chuffed.
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Flying off for a week tonight. Business trip. Packing Eau des Sens, Penhaligon Lothair, Carmen Vetiver and... vintage Habit Rouge EDC.


Question: is Habit Rouge ever appropriate in a business setting? It's just so... massive. I haven't dared yet.

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