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Pre-shower: TF Lavender Palm. I haven't worn this in quite a while. It's never been among my favorites in the TF lineup. It's a sharp lavender with a strangely sweet musk in the base.
SOTD: Moon Aoud.

I'm glad I have a bottle of Lavender Palm.
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I've smelled Sova a few times and have a sample. All I get from it is syrupy dried fruit/prunes and old bananas etc. I found it WAY too thick and rich for my tastes. Interesting and a bit innovative, I'll give it that but I didn't find it too wearable.
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SOTE is Fumerie Turque. It's a sweet honey and tobacco scent. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I find it so-so. I am loving it tonight.
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Lonestar Memories. Great outdoorsy scent, this one. Now that football season is on, I'm on the hunt for the perfect football frag. I'm thinking leather (of course), green for the MCG grass, and maybe some kind of sweaty note. LM went close, but maybe a bit too outback and BBQ in feel for the Members' Stand.
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Lalique Encre Noire. Can't decide if I love it or hate it. Switches between a cypress hedge and dry roasted oats for me. Between being uplifting and sickening despite its dryness. The bottle is amazing - perhaps my favorite mainstream bottle ever.


Bvlgari Black (the original, not MIB). Probably the first vanilla drydown I sort of enjoy. Genius to match it with lapsang souchong, which cuts right through the cloying sweetness of vanillin. I do, however, struggle justifying wearing this more often than a couple times a quarter; it is as unique and recognizable as a bright purple grenadine grossa tie.


Cartier Declaration Essence: I didn't get this one until a couple hours in. It becomes a smoky, dry, woody wonder, like burning pine wood, unlike the original Declaration which fizzed out quietly. I think the Amouage Epic/Jubilation XXV fans would like this.


These bottles are so cheap nowadays, it's almost worth buying them instead of samplers...

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^ it would appear we have similar tastes!
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Last night I wore Iris Taizo and today I'm wearing Eau d'Orange Verte.
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SOTD was Stilettos on Lex, which is one of my very favorite perfumes. It's a musky, powdery floral with a lovely pear note.
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My SOTD is Dioressence, from a vintage mini I bought on eBay. Is anybody able to roughly date this for me?

Speaking of vintage, check what I found in a flea market this morning.
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whoa, nice. how's the Jicky smell?
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Today is Hermes Rocabar. I have a bottle from around 15 years ago that's almost empty. I'm afraid to ask if it's been reformulated.
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That Jicky bottle is awesome.

Today I wore Comme des Garcons 3, a very clean scent that was perfect for my day at the Alameda Flea Market.
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Scent of the last 2 days:

Cedrat Boise - I like this scent a little more than some of the others that I've been trying. I keep seeing that it resembles Aventus and Montale Aoud Legacy - neither of which I've tried.
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Jul et Mad Nin-Shar. It's a sweet, syrupy, somewhat boozy rose with oud. I like it but don't love it; it's just a tad too sweet for me.
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Question for you, experienced gents.
Which shop would sell samples in small aromizer form, not the dabbing stick?
Got my first round from Luckyscent and apart from the LeLabo ones, it's all "with a stick". Reason is of course that the sticky ones can be difficult to judge on how they might work in full bottle form.

SOTD TF NP Forte - I undersprayed, can't smell much any more. Opening was very neroli blossomy, which is why I was probably too careful. Will have to refresh later when back home.
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