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Since you're a Tauer fan, what do you think of Memo's new African Leather? I'm hesitating to pull the trigger...

I haven't tried African Leather, but I can say that I'm a big fan of every Memo fragrance I've ever tried.
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Datura Blanche for me today. It's been quite a while since I've worn this, but it's very good for spring. It's just a bit too sweet for my taste.
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Today I'm wearing Tabacco Toscano by Santa Maria Novella.
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Halfeti by Penhaligon
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Diptyque Eau des Sens.


Really quite a beautiful orange blossom, and it stays so through the drydown. But a bit too sweet/gourmand (by association, not obviously), again, for a masculine scent; better than rose, though. Some people seem to think of it as citrusy, I don't see that at all - it's very obviously blossom, not peel oils. I definitely can't smell the top note of bitter orange. Tempting as a cologne replacement nevertheless, even with the mega-sillage.


Tried Byredo Chembur and 1996. The former fell apart after a couple hours (I can understand why people call the incense note unidimensional and synthetic). I'm sticking with Amouage for that kind of thing from now on. 1996 smells, to me, like mould - is that the ambroxan? After 4-5 hours I couldn't handle it anymore and washed it off. Aside from maybe Pulp and Mojave Ghost, neither of which I can wear, I am really not impressed by Byredo. Maybe it's the kind of house you wear to score intellectual points.

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Lonesome Rider definitely a Autumn/Winter scent. When it arrived we were experiencing the last blast of summer heat. The dominant rose smoke and leather elements are not suited to a flat dry heat.
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This evening I put on some Amouage Dia Man. It's such a lovely, seemless, soft fragrance.
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SOTE is Hedonist Rose. It's a bit too fruity and winy for my taste. That's been my opinion since the first time I tried it.
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Penhaligon Sartorial - it smells like the best part of Saphir Renovateur
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A few hours later, Eau des Sens is actually more masculine, the drydown is light and not sweet at all. I think I'm adding it to my rotation.

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I went vintage hunting today, so I wore a vintage frag: Monsieur Lubin. Starts with immortelle, but in a dosage that I don't mind, then it morphs into sandalwood, leather and I think musk.

Vintage hunting went well. Chanel Parfum mini, unopened Sikkim EDP, mini Crepe de Chine, Max Factor Electrique and some other little-known 50s era minis. Topped it off with a Chester Barrie SC and ties form Marinella and Santostefano. And to cap it all off, won a vintage Dior coffret on eBay, including Jules, Eau Savage, Fahrenheit and Savage Extreme. A good day's shopping.
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SOTD - ELDO's Like This - And even my SO does so. Thanks for the inspiration to L'Inc and Horns.

And a package arrived today.
SOTN - TF Amber Absolute (Neiman Markus re-edition). And I think I like it.
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Pre-shower: Fresh Cannabis Rose
SOTD: Hermann à mes côtés me parassait une ombre. This is one of those rare scents whose name captures what it is. It's a sheer, cool, sour incense. It's not the kind of fragrance I really like, but it's well done and I think a lot of you would like it.
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Got my Amouage samples that I was waiting for.  Why does Lyric Woman smell like its for a man and Lyric Man for a woman?  I would treat both as unisex and say that Lyric Man is more rosey in a Portrait of a Lady way.


Fate Man smells alright... What were you hinting at here L'Inc?


Journey Man smells like a good woody incense frag.


Epic Man, also good.


They forgot my Reflection Man :(

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Also received my Amouage Memoir Man sample. It's fantastic! Works well for warmer days. I think I'll purchase a 50ml...any leads on not paying retail?

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