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Although one would think the SA wants to sell the large bottle...
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Encre Noir by Lalique. I'm not sure if this is going to be a keeper or not but I like it.
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Since I've been asked the question about lifespan and how to take care of scents so many times through PM, here's a lazy copy paste of several of my responses, with slight variations depending on the exact question... Basically avoid heat, light, and air and you're good for many many years.
repetitive details: (Click to show)
1. One of the biggest unnecessary concerns out there is about lifespan of fragrances. The whole 'they expire' etc is totally overblown. Basically if they're kept in a dark area (light kills them) and relatively cool or at least consistent temperature (extreme heat is bad, but even room temperature is fine for months at a time), they'll last years and years and I mean like 10+ years. As for evaporation, I have many of these same decant containers and have had them sealed for several years and never seen a single drop of evaporation from them. I promise you they are sealed and will not lose any volume. There are rare exceptions but things like bulb atomizers or toppers that pop on/off instead of spray. Once you've started using a scent and have oxygen in the container, after it's about 2/3 used, then there's enough air that it might start breaking down the scent a little so I'd say finish it up within 6 months at that point but as long is it's unused and sealed and cool and dark, you can keep these for many years without any ill effects. And also another point about the light, but I believe it's mostly an issue about some of the ingredients being photosensitive but I think it's about sunlight specifically so I don't think even just normal indoor lamps will harm them or anything.

2. Will they survive that long? Of course, absolutely. That being said, there are some caveats... The enemies of perfume are heat and light and air. Meaning a cool dark place like a drawer or cupboard is best. Sunlight will kill them or at least turn them dark and kill the freshness. So either keep them in the box or like I said probably in a closed space. And away from heat. Some people store them in the fridge but I think it's a bit overkill unless you live somewhere hot. And I believe that the most damage actually comes from extreme temperature changes plus quick changes, rather than the simple hot or cold. The damage happens when it's 35-40 degrees and the bottle is in your car armrest or something. I've got about 100-200 bottles and they're just in a cupboard in my room so I'm not too worried. It's probably slightly warmer than is 'good' for them but I also have to live a little. The other thing to consider is oxygen, which oxidizes the perfume and makes it deteriorate. So with only a 50ml size there isn't really much air in the bottle, but once you're down to about 30-50% left, you should probably use them up a little faster.

3. As for the question, well hmmm, to be honest it's one of those big myths in the business. Scents can go bad, but they usually don't, or at least nothing silly like in 1-2 years or whatever. Basically heat and light and oxygen are what kill them. So you want dark bottles, stored away from sunlight like in a cupboard/drawer, and once it's about 50% empty, use it up within say 6 months to a year. If you store them on an open countertop, in the glovebox of your car, etc, then yeah they'll die, but otherwise you can get stuff that's 50+ years old and still smells fine if it's been properly taken care of. The delicate topnotes like citrus and some florals usually get 'flat' after a few years but within 15-20 minutes when you're into the heart and base even 'vintage' scents are just fine. So it's sort of a yes and no answer, but for most people with a good head on their shoulders, it's a no. Just a marketing myth to get you to throw out the 'old' and go buy a 'new' one like it's a pair of $100 socks or something.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

SotD is Dior's Eau Sauvage Parfum - I'm getting sweet pine (immortelle?), liquorice, lemon, etc. It reminds me of Eau Noir but I seem to be the only one who makes that comparison. I'm wearing a forest green henley and sandy yellow/brown corduroy pants so it feels like exactly what I look like.

I smelled this again tonight after wearing it yesterday.  I love that strong sweet pine that you describe along with a sweet lemon smell.  Unfortunately it faded pretty quick for me yesterday which is why I was sniffing it again.

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SOTE is the vintage Must de Cartier parfum. This is a scent that is beloved by practically no one except for the regulars of SOTD thread. It is very strange, opening up sharp and green, but with a heavy, almost Guerlainesque vanilla sweetness that's also present from the beginning.
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Today I wore Richard James Savile Row. This is a very good office scent, discreet, elegant, soft florals and soft leather. I have a few tuberose fragrances that are brash screamers, but this one is refined.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Today I wore Richard James Savile Row. This is a very good office scent, discreet, elegant, soft florals and soft leather. I have a few tuberose fragrances that are brash screamers, but this one is refined.

I'm wearing this scent today as well. Niche-level quality at a designer price. It works best with suit and tie.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

I'm wearing this scent today as well. Niche-level quality at a designer price. It works best with suit and tie.
Just bought a sample. Full bottles are going for 10 quid on a British site but they don't ship to Oz unfortunately
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Pre-shower: Epic Woman. This is definitely in the top tier of my favorite Amouages.
SOTD: Sotto la Luna Tuberose. For the life of me I can't decide how I feel about this. Sometimes it seems ashy and old garbagey, but then other times I notice the scent and think "oh that's very nice!" before I realize I'm smelling my own perfume.
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Today I wore Les Nuits d'Hadrien. This evening I'm wearing Habit Rouge.

I was walking around in Noe Valley today and made a great discovery - there was a plant whose flowers I immediately noticed as labdanum, which is a ubiquitous fragrance ingredient. It's an ancient fragrance, with it being used in the interior of the fake beards that pharaohs wore. Sheep and goats would graze among the labdanum plants and would get their coats covered with the resin it exudes on its leaves, which would then be combed out and then utilized. I rubbed the leaves and the texture due to the resin was similar to coating one feels on kitchen surfaces accumulate from aerosolized oils (like the top of the vent hood).
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Antaeus. I feel a bit cheated because I washed most of it off doing housework. Might give it another run tomorrow.
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today is a first, I'm wearing McQueen Kingdom, which I expected to be something like Lutens MKK or whatever but instead it's basically a dirty classic french fragrance more or less, or older middle eastern lady. Deep rich florals, sort of musty with a dry spicy powder funk. I'll keep wearing this one through but I don't see it as groundbreaking or anything, maybe just becuase of where it's coming from but put this in an Amouage bottle or tell me it's a Guerlain from a long time ago and I wouldn't blink.

I have a hunch there's at least one of you guys that love this...
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^^ I'm a fan of that one.

Today I'm wearing Sahara Noir.
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Kingdom is awful - too strong, sweet, dirty...too too.
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Byredo - Mr Marvelous, well not for me. Formaldehyde and decaying corpses was my immediate thought.
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