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Interlude Man

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SOTD Xerjoff 40 Knots
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Reminiscence Patchouli

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I've never been much of a fragrance guy outside of shower gels like Molton Brown's Black Pepper(formula changed, boo), but I think it's time I finally indulge a bit. Ordered some CDG samples as a start, and will try some of the other recommend fragrances on this thread in the future. 

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Pay especially close attention to my posts because I have the best taste in this whole thread. It has been proven by science.
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Slumberhouse Norne to appreciate one of the last days for a while cold enough to wear it. love, love, love this stuff.

found out the other day that Norne will stain clothing if you don't let it dry completely first. surprised i hadn't discovered this already.
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SOTE is Honour Woman by Amouage. It's a tart, peppery white floral. I wish it were a bit less peppery.
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Parfums Retro Grand Cuir
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Houbigant Cologne Intense. Anyone feel like it smell very similar to TF Italian Cypress?
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I am wearing The Night by Frederic Malle just basically flaunting my wealth to the people.
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Are they noticing?

SOTD is Lomani AB Silver, ie a Creed Aventus clone. It's actually really not that bad. And like $30 or something for 100ml. It smells similar. I mean in a Cool Water GIT way, so er kinda but not even close to the same complexity and quality, but if you're like some cheap high school kid or whatever then it'll do the trick.
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They were probably too intimidated to say anything.
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Things are getting away from me.

Lonesome Rider - check. Wife hates it, I like it. Need to wear it a bit more to decide if I really like it.

Took delivery of a bunch of vintage minis from eBay and am trying some of them. Yesterday was Otto Kern Cycle. It's a bit dicey reviewing vintage stuff because you have to expect deterioration, but there's nothing wrong with this one I got a nice bright citrus opening, got some woody drydown, and it lasted well into the night. This will certainly get another run.

Today was R, by Roberto Capucci. This didn't hang on so well but it is a nice green fragrance, with just a little citrus playing around. I think I can still smell vetiver and maybe a bit of musk. Didn't get the jasmine, tonka bean or moss that's supposed to be there. Another one that's worth another try.
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Remarkable People. This one is growing on me. At first I didn't like it much at all. It contains big champagne and cardamom notes, and those are notes I've typically disliked. But based largely on Lyric Woman, I'm really coming around on cardamom, and it has affected my perception of other scents too.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Things are getting away from me.

Lonesome Rider - check. Wife hates it, I like it. Need to wear it a bit more to decide if I really like it.

I've worn this over the past two days and really like it. It's quite similar to Kolnisch Juchten in that both are hardcore leathers. It doesn't remind me of Lonestar Memories at all.
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