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Today I am wearing Serge Lutens Five O'clock, a combination of black tea and ginger.

Upon the first spray, I was surrounded by a dark, gloomy atmosphere. It put myself into a scenario where I am an old man sitting in a rusty wooden cabin in the European countryside, sipping my first cup of ginger tea of the day and outside it was raining.
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My SOTE is White Patchouli by Tom Ford. It's a sharp, spicy patchouli with white floral notes. I have a full bottle of this, but it's actually not among my favorite Tom Fords.
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Today I'm wearing Palais Nizam by Wiener Blut.
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Une Fleur de Cassie. Based on what I've read, this is a love-it-or-hate-it scent. I love it.
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I found Cassie totally old school french lady musty dusty floral, like an old unwashed sheets mothballs musty face powder and old perfume grandmother's room. Ok fine there was a bit of a fresh side to it, but overall I've been a little blech on that one.
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I just got a small decant and some samples in the mail, I'm wearing Bois des Iles (the decant) right now. Hard to believe I've never smelled this, though there's something incredible familiar about it. It just hit me what this smells like - Egoiste. Of course, that's another Chanel, and I bet if I googled there's probably a pretty direct link between those two. This version is the new one - the Exclusifs EdT, and honestly, the more time this is on my arm the more I think it smells exactly like Egoiste. It's lovely, of course, I don't think I've ever read a single negative review of this, and I love Egoiste too. I do hope it differentiates itself a bit over the next few hours, just for the sake of variety.

The other two (which were thrown in by surprise) are Rose Amazone and Une Rose, which I'll sniff in the next couple of days.
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Oddly enough, I love Bois des Iles and I strongly dislike Egoiste. I find BdI to be much softer and more delicate.
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Tonight, my semiannual application of Yatagan. A few times a year, I think, "I should really give this another try." Yet again, Yatagan fails to do it for me. Not terrible this time, but still not a convert. Fortunately, the bottle was cheap. I'll return it to the back of the shelf & give it another go in the fall.
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I love Yatagan but it's hard to wear. It's intense.
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I feel like I should love it. Like I feel I should love Terre d'Hermes. Just not happening. Though the Y is better this time around.
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Accord Oud by Byredo for me today. Most likely tomorrow as well. A true gem from the Byredo line. I would recommend anyone to grab a sample of this and give it a try.
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Any recommendations for someone who has enjoyed and worn:


- Terre d'Hermes

- CdG 2

- CdG Kyoto


I seem to be attracted to citrus, fruity fragrances.

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After a full week, I'm done with tea fragrances for now. The hot weather has kicked back in, so I went with a classic Italian-style cologne: Acqua di Biela No 1. This one is a pretty reasonable alternative to AdP, it has an elegant soapy citrus opening and a musky drydown. Longevity is OK for a fragrance of this style.
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Originally Posted by aussiejake View Post

Any recommendations for someone who has enjoyed and worn:

- Terre d'Hermes
- CdG 2
- CdG Kyoto

I seem to be attracted to citrus, fruity fragrances.

I would try Sacred Wood by Kilian, Rose d' Arabie by Armani, NY Oud by Bond no 9, Velvet Mood by MFK from your preference.
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SOTD - Byredo, Super Cedar - to be released this thursday. So far it seems to lack in concentration/intensity, roughly 2.5 hours since application and the sillage seems very soft, almost too soft.

For daily casual wear in the spring time I think this would be a great choice though.

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