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Voyage d'Hermes today (not the parfum). I didn't like the opening of this; maybe I'm not a huge cardamom fan, I don't know. It lasted longer than I thought it would and is now giving off a nice powdery musk.
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SOTE is Tauer Sotto La Luna Tuberose. I am still completely on the fence on this one. Sometimes I smell it and I find it quite unpleasant; it's a bit like old garbage. But then five minutes later I will smell something and think "oh that's very nice" and of course it turns out I'm smelling Sotto La Luna Tuberose.
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Originally Posted by sjmin209 View Post

Anyone ever love a sample, only to find that the full bottle disappoints? Years ago, this happened to me with Bois du Portugal, and more recently with a bottle of Italian Cypress. Not sure if I got bottles from a bad batch, or what.

sometimes it's batch variations. sometimes is application method (dab versus spray). sometimes it's volume (drip versus 4 sprays). sometimes it's seasons (testing versus bottle). and in my experience, often it's expectations. you test something, get a small sense of it and begin to idealize the idea and then when you finally buy the unicorn, it's less exciting than you believed and you get bored and go chase the next one.
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It was a sunny day at 25 Celcius with a little chilly wind. Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal was a perfect choice. Only wish it could stay longer on my skin (I got 2 hours only)
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I'm so impetuous with blind buys that sampling before buying is a rare occurrence.
Today I'm wearing Korma Kamali Incense.
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I am wearing Epic Woman today. I did receive a compliment on it (from a woman).
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

I am wearing Epic Woman today. I did receive a compliment on it (from a woman).

Beautiful scent, a lot more interesting than Epic Man.  Kudos to you for pulling this off!

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Masque Milano Russian Tea today
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I got my sample of Lonesome Rider, wearing it now. My first impression is that I love it. The second is that it smells uncannily like the description. I've grown to expect that most scents won't smell much like what I expect, but this one is just what Andy describes - citrus, pepper, leather, smoke, iris. More than just those notes are there, but thats what strikes me at first impression. Very nice, bravo.
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Nasomatto Silver Musk. This is one of my favourite office scents: unassuming, civilised, with great longevity. The Extrait means that a couple of sprays last 15 hours.
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I suspect it's actually a very solid line but Black Afgano seems to overshadow all other discussions.
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I'm wearing Italian Cypress today. This is as close to a signature scent that I have -- it's good for all seasons and all occasions. Because it's now discontinued, I had to get two backups. Thanks, @Master-Classter!

I have enough samples to last awhile, so I shouldn't be buying any full bottles, but I couldn't resist buying Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. It'll probably get some use between now and the middle of March. I believe that New Haarlem, not Musc Ravageur (which I strongly dislike), is Maurice Roucel's true masterpiece.
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I am wearing Tom of Finland today.
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Today I am wearing Annick Goutal's Les Nuits d'Hadrian.

I received in the mail today a bottle of Amouage Epic Man and my third bottle (second backup) of older Tam Dao. I don't ever want to be without Tam Dao.
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Lonesome Rider again today. By the end of the day yesterday I was thinking this is the modern Knize Ten. Earlier in the development, it actually reminds me a lot of Montale aoud cuir d'arabie. The leather/animal note combined with the subtle rose is very similar. LR is a much gentler scent though, and there's more going on.
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