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After a long while wearing a vintage Mysore sandalwood oil from 1973.  This oil must have the most insane beta-santalol content, it's so silky-buttery sweet all the other Mysore sandalwood oils I've tried smell sternly woody and almost harsh in comparison.  Too bad I didn't get more of this oil back when I still had the chance.

But think about how you have the chance to smell it right now.
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I ordered a sample of Lonesome Rider. I almost went for a bottle but he says right there on the blog he recommends against blind buying. I should get the sample in plenty of time to take advantage of the special offer before it's gone.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

That's the second before the last iteration, and it follows the shaker bottle. How do you like it? I love Bel Ami, which I bought an unused tester shaker bottle for my dad one year and ultimately found another for a great price, but the one you have is literally perfect as well.

Around 2005 or so, this was probably the fragrance I wore more than any other. At this point, I'd certainly say I enjoy it, but it's not among my very favorites. I've just tried so many things in the meantime that are more my style.

Today I wore Japon Noir which, along with Moss Breches, is probably the most underrated TF PB. Both were from the original set. I remember I was in Cincinnati, where they had a trunk show for the PB perfumes, which were quite new at the time. One of the ones I got to smell was Japon Noir, and right away I thought it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever smelled. (I smelled Amber Absolute at the same trunk show and was bowled over by it.)
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I'm wearing MdO Vetyver today. I've reviewed this before; it really is a good example of this style, with good legs.

Yesterday I wore Miller Harris Terre de Bois. This was a blind buy at a sale, mainly because it was ridiculously cheap - $10 for an unopened FB. I haven't tried MH before, but I liked this one as a green scent, although it dries down powdery, with what is supposed to be a fairy floss note. I'm not too keen on that aspect.
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Today I am wearing Portrait of a Lady.
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Yesterday and today I wore Mysore sandalwood oil, since it's been very warm here and I wanted that smell to radiate through my shirt.
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Eau de Gentiane Blanche today. This is one I don't wear much, but it's a nice alternative to Orange Verte. Much more floral than citrus, with a bit of pepper and a powdery iris dry-down. Lasts pretty well compared to the usual Hermes EdCs.
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Bois des Iles, One of the finest fragrances of all time in my opinion.
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I'm wearing M/Mink as SOTE. I'm not a big fan of this, but it is definitely an interesting and unusual perfume. I thought to wear it because there was a review of it on (which is my new favorite perfume website. I don't know if any of you guys read French, but if so you should check it out.) Interestingly, one of the commenters thought that Lutens L'Orpheline was similar. That's exactly what I noticed when I first tried L'Orpheline.
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I just got a bottle of YSL M7 circa 2008.  I want to swim in this stuff.  That is all.

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Olfactive Studios Panorama. I just-OK green fragrance that doesn't stick around. Underwhelmed by this lie so far.
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Maybe L'Orpheline uses some adoxal? There's a ton of it in M/M Ink
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Today I'm wearing Maison Francis Kazakhstan (or whatever the hell his last name is) Aqua Vitae - very fresh and green.
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I am wearing a fragrance called Sunshine. It is made by Amouage, a company that makes fragrances for a living.
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Anyone ever love a sample, only to find that the full bottle disappoints? Years ago, this happened to me with Bois du Portugal, and more recently with a bottle of Italian Cypress. Not sure if I got bottles from a bad batch, or what.
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