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PdN New York.
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Vintage Stetson, eh? You know, I feel like I can still accurately imagine the smell of Stetson even after 30 years.

What's it like? Would you wear it today?

I think I would a few times just because of the nostalgic value. I bought a bottle of Quorum a few years ago for that reason and haven't worn it since, though.

Today I wore Histoires de Parfums 1725, which is good for a cold day; it's not really a fragrance that I'd want to wear on a warm one.
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Didn't wear a fragrance today - I actually forgot, although I did wear Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna aftershave, so I suppose that counts.
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I didn't forget to wear my SOTD: it was Amouage Lyric Woman.
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EnsarOud's Kyara Koutan oud oil.


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I wore Tauer L'ADDM yesterday. I have a decant with a roll on applicator, and I always have the same experience with this one - I basically dab the applicator onto my chest one time - just a single dab, not even a roll - and I'm completely infused with the scent all day, and the next day too, until I shower. Powerful stuff.
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LDDM is powerful and unique scent indeed.  Works best in warmer weather in my opinion, so I can't wear it now up here in the Great White North :)

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I've grown to really appreciate L'Air du Desert Marocain - it's a prime example of the use of Ambrox in a fragrance to disentangle the heavy resins, woods, and amber that makes up this fragrance.

Today I'm wearing Chanel No.19 parfum.
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I'm wearing Moss Breches today. This didn't last long before it got discontinued, but I like it a lot.
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Parfums Retro Grand Cuir today
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Eau d'Hadrien today, the male version (i.e. it comes in a rectangular bottle instead of a fluted, curved bottle - no other difference). This opened with a smell that I didn't like, reminiscent of immortelle. That's not in the notes so I might be mistaken; it soon settles into a mild inoffensive citrusy number that really shouldn't be getting airplay ahead of some of my better options in that space
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Today I'm wearing Masque Milano's Russian Tea. This, to me, is strictly a cold weather scent, with birch tar (think Patchouli 24) being prominent throughout.
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I wore TF Sahara Noir today. It's a pleasant resiny frankincense scent. I've heard it's been discontinued, and it that's true I wouldn't be entirely surprised. The opening is definitely somewhat dirty.
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The good ones always get discontinued.

Im wearing TF Oud oud today because it made quite the impression on me the last time.
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Speaking of TF, has anyone tried the new Soleil Blanc yet? Seems a bit odd to release it in the middle of winter. But nonetheless I will certainly give it a try at some point.
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