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Serge Lutens Chergui for me.

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Sample of Frank Los Angeles No 2. Nice, good longevity on me but not sure it wouldn't go out of control in warmer weather with the boozy note.
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^ very nice!

Today I went to MiN and had a little sniff around. Ended up spraying on Montale's Full Incense and Cafe Intense together to make my own version of Ford's Cafe Rose, which worked out quite well and i was rather happy with the lightbulb idea. Also confirmed that I want decants of a few Amouages for sure.

Dropped my Malle's newish downtown location and was super impressed with the store design, really really beautiful. I asked a few times in various ways to get a sample of The Night and was told fairly emphatically no. I sprayed it on again and while it's beautiful and high quality, it's basically PoaL with a good oud added, so if it were say $300-400 I could see it, but at $700 or something it seems made for people who don't look at price or are collectors and buy it blind anyway. It's very good work and probably 'worth' the price, but there's still a high dollar tag on it that goes beyond what I think it should be. If you love PoaL and have no real budget restrictions, then it's an excellent fragrance.

That's what I've heard about The Night as well - it's an excellent oud for someone who doesn't have the knowledge of where to acquire good ouds.
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Today I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain.
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I am wearing Black Orchid Voile de Fleurs. It's an excellent oud for someone who lacks the knowledge of where to acquire good ouds. (I might be thinking of something else though, not 100% sure of the veracity of my review.)
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SL Fleurs d'Oranger today, as we tick back up into very hot weather. Like all SL, this one has great projection and longevity. It's one of the best orange blossom scents that I have, I think.
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Imma wearin Yohji Homme.
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CD Eau Sauvage Parfum today. This is not what I thought it would be. I was expecting a beefed-up version of the original, perfect for a hot summer's day. Instead I have some woody monster that is bringing tears to my eyes. I really don't like this, although I will give it another go in the depths of winter, in its natural habitat.
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Ambre Precieux is my SOTD.
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My fav today, TF Bois Marocain. smile.gif
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+1 to the Eau Sauvage Parfum. Was expecting something related to the original and instead got a take on their Privee Eau Noir more or less. A thick syrupy green cumin immortel woody scent. Not bad, but fairly monolithic and not so easy to wear IMO. At least they're doing mainstream releases as parfums. I never really liked DH but the parfum version (and hey ok the cologne too) are pretty solid. Plus I really like the bottles, not that it's either here or there.

SOTD is Michael Kors. I think this decant is the original version. I keep waffling on whether or not to get a full bottle of this one. I'm testing it against other fruity tobacco related scents. The longevity is pretty poor and there's something shrill and raspy about the tobacco but otherwise I really like it. Varvatos Vintage is one of the main competitors but I think I'll go for the Kors in the end. Now to try and find vintage, and at a good price. Dern.
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New Years Day its 34c flat dry heat at present and off to the movies and then a recovery BBQ. Brought out the sample of Creed Tabarome Millesime I've had sitting their for a while. Uplifting citrus to begin with then ginger emerges mixed with more spice, which has a soft edge to it. Be interesting to see how it develops over the day.

Overall a bit of disappointment to be honest went limp and powdery after a couple of hours, nothing really to get excited about to be honest.
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Yesterday: Lyric Woman by Amouage
Today: Remarkable People by ELDO

I will definitely be trying the new Hermann a Mes Cotes me Parassait une Ombre. Have any of you sampled it yet?
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Sotd is penhaligin's halfeti, didn't like it initially but the it smells a lot better after a couple of hours on the skin.
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Yesterday I wore Tam Dao EdT.
Today I'm wearing Mitsouko parfum.
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