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Oud Ispahan is my SOTD of the day.
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Black Orchid (for Black Friday)
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

I've got at least one scent for each of the major citrus notes and for Lime the two I ended up with were Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar (now discontinued), and also one of only 2-3 I own from the house, Bond #9 Central Park which has a lime blossom or something.

The only Jo Malone I've ever owned was the Vetiver Cologne, which I on-sold a while back. I have a thing about that house; I suspect that they're way over-priced for what they are, and their line-up looks a bit too mass market to warrant niche prices. Mentally, I file them with Demeter, but they cost way more. Mind you, I know ladies who go ga-ga over them.
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Best deal I've seen: $50 off $200 purchase at Neiman Marcus with code THANKFUL. Includes Creed and Malle (not Tom Ford).
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SOTE:  Polo Double Black for my black Friday scent............  I stole the black Friday reference from the earlier post.  It never even occurred to me.  DOH!



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Jo Malone has too many scents and most of them are entirely boring. It's for people who want to 'own/wear' perfume but not really. They're more about beautiful packaging that you can give as a gift or feature in a magazine. Pretty pictures with almost no substance. In contrast to say Guerlain (old Guerlain) which did have some level of packaging and brand presence but probably had more substance than you'd realize . I feel like Guerlain keeps giving you more details with time whereas Malone you get bored after a few wearings and then leave the pretty bottle on your makeup table (i'm sure like 90% of their customers are women)
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I am in Wisconsin visiting family. My mother thought Oud Ispahan was one of the best fragrances she'd smelled.

I'm wearing M7 today.
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Today I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain, which is a beautiful sweet, ambery warmth. It dries down to exhibit an ambroxan note, which I've become quite sensitive to and the main reason why I hate Aventus.
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D&G Light Blue Pour Homme for me today. Got compliments from a couple girls at work today, so might be wearing this more often.

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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Best deal I've seen: $50 off $200 purchase at Neiman Marcus with code THANKFUL. Includes Creed and Malle (not Tom Ford).

Used the discount to buy Vetiver Extraordinaire for $150+tax. I think that's the cheapest you can get it outside of Essenza Nobile, and you don't have to wait one month for it to arrive on the slow boat from Germany.
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I had a wedding on yesterday. During the day, I wore Couer de Vetiver Sacre. For the wedding, Lyric Man. Today, nothing.
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Sunday Amouage Interlude Man, surprised that the small amount that I put on this morning is still going strong. Some elements of the fragrances presence remind me of Tuscan Leather.One site cited frankincense in the mix, must be why it appeals to my Catholic sensibilities. Interesting how ever not sure its a summer scent.
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SOTD is the new Andy Tauer Sotto La Luna Tuberose. This is somewhat similar to Sotto La Luna Gardenia. It has that same Pez and old garbage accord, but it's less loud in this one. The floral note is more prominent too. I like this much better than Sotto La Luna Gardenia. I don't think it's quite FBW, but it's good. (I know it sounds odd to say that a Pez and old garbage accord could be pleasant, but it is pleasant in its context.)
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Geoff, if you're into frankincense and Catholicism, I suggest checking out Comme des Garcons Incense series, particularly Avignon, and for the accord with warm spices around it, Tom Ford Sahara Noir and Amber Absolute. Also Armani Privee Bois D'Encense for more of a eucalyptus black pepper addition.
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Cracked out Eau de Rochas in th heat today. I never regret this one, but it does disappear on me quickly, like a lot of EdC style fragrances.

@Geoffrey Firmin I concur with master-classter about Avignon. Very much reminds me of my altar boy days, shaking the censer around the church. Mecca are the distributors of CdG in Australia but I'm not sure that they carry Avignon anywhere for you to sample; you can get it online from them.
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