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Today I am wearing Chanel No. 22, the vintage version. I actually prefer the Exclusifs version, but I ran out of that one.
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This evening I busted out the bottle of Fahrenheit that I haven't tried in a long time. It really was a revolutionary fragrance when it came out and, considering its release date of 1988, it is not dated at all, which is also remarkable considering the nature of the vast majority of male fragrances from that decade.

It's interesting about how one forms opinions - Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur was love-at-first-sniff for me when I encountered it around three years ago, while Fahrenheit was one that I never really liked (the reason I even own a bottle is another story). Now I realize that these two are very similar and that the latter is a high-quality and universal alternative to the former.
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I am wearing Remarkable People as my SOTE. Some people might not like my proselytizing for Etat Libre d'Orange but I live in America and so I have free speech rights.
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As I've started to sort through my collection, Fahrenheit is one of the few I wore a couple of times and pretty quickly realized I totally dislike and should have never bought but was a little swept up in the 'collecting' aspect and it's 'such a classic' etc. It's just not me nor do I even like the smell haaa. Anyway, I've got a pretty new bottle ready to be listed up for sale now.
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Today I'm wearing a scent called Malaise of the 1970s. I think this is my favorite fragrance name of all times.
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Patchouli Imperial. I don't know about patchouli, other than that my wife hates it, but this one is not as hippieish and earthy as some others.
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Cafe Rose by TF. It's a tangy rose with incense and saffron. This has been among my very favorites since it first came onto the market.
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Today I am rocking (wearing) TF Shanghai Lily. I'm a big fan of all four of the Atelier d'Orient fragrances.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Today I'm wearing a scent called Malaise of the 1970s. I think this is my favorite fragrance name of all times.

I really need t revisit this since you love it so much.

Today I'm wearing Coeur de Vetiver Sacre.
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I love the name! The fragrance itself is a fairly straightforward modern fresh scent. It's a very good specimen of its kind, but I'm not a huge fan of the kind.
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Bloody hot today. Concentre d'Orange Vert. Weird; tomorrow's top temperature will be half of today's.
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On my side of the planet, it's cold and rainy, so I'm wearing Wiener Blut's Palais Nizam. It's strange - this fragrance has a very strong opening of plum (think prune without the molasses quality) and is therefore something that I stay the hell away from, but this note combined with the dry bitter oak and artemisia is very satisfying. This fragrance dries down to a rich oak smell.
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today it's sunny but cool. working my way through the decant collection, and currently in the oriental/gourmand section. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havanna. Hmm, feels sweet and a little musty, almost like a younger punchier TF Tobacco Oud. Pretty decent, I'd say 7.5-8/10. Not great, but still pretty solid and a good flanker. Will I keep this? I'll wear it a couple of more times to decide but so far I'm a little indifferent. It's good, just not great.
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TF Venetian Bergamot. Still enjoying this one very much. Great addition to the Private Blend lineup.
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Have you guys ever tested Beyond Paradise?
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