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I'm assuming you actually meant Noir, the rectangular black bottle with ribbed cap and silver TF on it right? Because there's 2-3 versions of Noir, then there's Noir de Noir in the private blends, and then to confuse you there's the discontinued Japon Noir, along with the recently made exclusive to UAE Sahara Noir.... but assuming you meant Noir and the edp black bottle, I found it a weird neither masculine nor feminine scent. Sort of a barbershop talcy scent with some funk, then also rather floral, so really almost an ode to say Habit Rouge meets YSL Rive Gauche (PH), though none of the Guerlain's lemon and none of the sharp aromatic spices of RGPH. I've got a small decant but I'm not sure I love it.

But hey in related news I might have a 30ml decant up for grabs
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Nasomatto Silver Musk today. This is pretty linear; a fresh, sweetish musk scent that's good for the warmer weather we're getting. For an extrait though, it is pretty surprising how average this is in terms of sillage and longevity.
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I'm wearing the sample of Vero Profumo's Rubj edp I got from Luckyscent. Man, this is a fantastic fragrance - it has that elusive "tension" that people sometimes talk about in a perfume, with a dry fruitiness that accentuates the indolic florals (tuberose and jasmine, which I love) and this is juxtaposed with a cumin that really creates the tension that makes me wonder if my response is a great intellectual or emotional interest in what I smell. So, like many if not all of Chanel's offerings, the extraits by Vero Kern are a different but extremely close formulations compared to the eau de parfums of the same name, and I'd definitely like to try the extrait version of Rubj because it is supposed to be mid and basenote-heavy, thus reducing the signature passion fruit note that all her fragrances carry.
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I think Rubj edp is my favorite of the Veros. It really is remarkable how it's able to blend the massive cumin note with indolic white florals.
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It's unseasonably warm and I'm wearing a suit, so my SOTD is Creed Green Irish Tweed.

I just broke my #1 rule of fragrance purchases: No blind buys. A split of the vaulted Creed Baie de Genievre popped up on Basenotes. After taking a quick look at the notes and seeing the split rapidly fill up, I decided to pull the trigger. Fingers crossed that I like it.
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BdG was one of my very favorites when I first got into fragrances. The name is accurate: juniper berry is the note that stands out the most. It's also got a warm spicy vibe, with a good amount of cinnamon. And as with many classic Creeds, ambergris also makes an appearance. To me it feels formal and businessy, the kind of scent you'd wear if wanted to feel like you were in charge.
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TF Japon Noir. This was part of the first set of Private Blends. It's very good, but it got overshadowed by some of the more popular ones like TV and NdN, I think.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

TF Japon Noir. This was part of the first set of Private Blends. It's very good, but it got overshadowed by some of the more popular ones like TV and NdN, I think.

How similar is Japon Noir to Plum Japonais? I've heard conflicting opinions. Wondering if it's worth pursuing JN (which based on the notes sounds like something I would like) when I already own PJ.
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They are definitely not so similar that you'd want to have one and not both. They are both dark. But Japon Noir is darker and more leathery. There's also some vetiver that gives it an earthiness that Plum Japonais doesn't have. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
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Today I'm wearing Papillon Angelique.
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So little surprise... I managed to get my hands on a flacon of Japon Noir a couple of weeks 'back and have been meaning to list it up for split.

If you guys are interested PM me. Only have 4-5 portions.

I think it's fantastic and lament that it was discontinued. I find Plum Japonaise more like a sweet sour fruity suede or soft leather whereas the Japon Noir is definitely a little sharper and darker, more rounded than Tuscan Leather and not as charred as Extreme. I think overall it's very good. Not sure if there's enough difference between all 3 to warrant owning all of them, but if you find Extreme too hollow and Tuscan too acidic and Plum Japonais too soft (or lacking longevity), then this would be a good pick.

Yesterday I compared Aventus to Lomani AB Silver (an Aventus clone). The clone is actually pretty darn good. I'd say it's like 70-80% of the smell. Though i find the smokeyness a little too aggressive and the Aventus has a really nice progression with drydown that the Lomani is missing, plus it more or less just dies off after 2-3 hours (max) so it's limited. Heck for $30 it's really not bad at all, but if you can swing some more cash, of course Aventus is still the better option. Still, respect for coming up with a not too shabby clone of this great juice.

I'm not even a big Creed fan but credit where credit is due. I think they did a really good job of this one*
*batch dependent!satisfied.gif
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SOTE is Papillon Tobacco Rose. I wasn't a big fan of this the first few times I wore it, but that might be because the name led me to believe it would be something different. It's definitely rose, but the other notes that stand out most are honey and hay (I think). I'm enjoying it this time.
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Today I'm wearing Papillon Anubis. This is one of my favorite fragrances that I've bought over the past year. Liz Moores is the perfumer for Papillon, who I would gobble up:

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SOTD is Guerlain Vetiver Extreme. Someone on Basenotes said that was very similar to Vetiver Extraordinaire, but I'm not smelling the similarity.

What should I wear tomorrow to meet my e-bros at the StyleForum trunk show? I'm thinking Creed Spice & Wood.
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After all the noir talk yesterday, I am wearing TF Noir de noir... A sample from @Master-Classter. Still good stuff from Tom Ford.
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