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Today I wore a scent called Santal Blush by Tom Ford. It's a warm, creamy sandalwood with a little bit of dirty spice (caraway) and a touch of floral sweetness. But mainly it's just a creamy sandalwood.
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So I was reminiscing today and remembered a scent that I loved back in high school and low and behold it is still made. Anyone else try it? I wonder if it is still as good as I remember. I recall it being like $10 and was a steal as a poor high school kid.


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Hyde Park by Hugh Parsons today. This is rapidly becoming a Spring favourite for me, with a big blast of green to kick-start a sunny morning. I think it's easily the best of the HP line that I've tried.
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Today I'm wearing Bel Ami Vetiver.
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today I felt green and smokey, so went with Amouage Memoir which since the moment I first wore it I've loved every time. It's not overly complex but it does wear really nicely. Good solid scent IMO. Pretty sure I'll keep this bottle in the collection.
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I am wearing TF London. It's a spicy, somewhat dirty oud. As I've mentioned before, I was disappointed the first time I tried it but now I like it a lot.
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Vetiver Extraordinaire today. Love this; it's yet another of the long list of FMs I lust after.
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Would you believe me if I told you I was wearing Garuda by Jul et Mad today? Because I am.
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SOTD was Narciso Rodriguez for Men. Melancholy scent for a rainy day.

SOTE is Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. I generally hate gourmands and am lukewarm toward Bond No. 9, but I like this one.
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New Haarlem isn't especially complex or sophisticated, but it just smells fantastic. It's one of the few scents I really like from Bond No. 9. (It also helped me get into a relationship once with a lady who was like "you smell great!")

EDIT: My SOTE is one of my other favorite Bonds: Chinatown.
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Another Vetiver today: Vetiver Fatal. Not a patch on the Malle, and I don't really get a lot of vetiver off it, but it still has a nice balanced composition and manages to last a while for a cologne. It has a vague, sweetish drydown that is all a bit meh, really.
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Amouage Lyric Man is my SOTD of the day.
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SOTD is Creed Green Irish Tweed. This is probably the scent on which I have had the biggest change of opinion. Many years ago, I thought it was boring. Now I think it's the quintessential gentleman's scent that I will never be without. (And I won't, courtesy of a 4 oz. bottle from FragranceNet.)
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Today I'm wearing Dior Homme EdT.

Yesterday I was wearing Giorgio for Men.
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