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Today: Chanel Cuir de Russie eau de cologne - skanky stuff from what I've deduced to come from the 1950s.
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Anyone here tried Montale Aoud Leather?


SOTD: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. Still deciding whether this is FB worthy.


Also ordered some ELDO samples. Extremely curious on Rien, Rien Intense, Afternoon of the Faun and Tom of Finland. 

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Afternoon of a Faun took a while to grow on me. I bought a 1 ml sample as soon as it came out and I enjoyed it, but not enough to consider buying more. Then out of the blue I had a craving for it and so I bought a 5 ml sample. Once I sprayed that one on, I loved it.

Tom of Finland is fantastic too, IMO.
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Helmut Lang EdC today. Wish I could find more of this.

Found a FB of Lancome Climat today in an op shop. I hope it’s not a fake; still trying to find out.

UPDATE: checked with a vintage perfume site and was advised that my bottle is a fair-dinkum 1980s EdT. Goody.
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@rach2jlc have you tried the re-issued Helmut Lang EdC? I read a review of it that seemed to suggest it lacked much longevity, but was otherwise pretty good.
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Today, I'm wearing Ambre Russe, which I bought a sample of last year, used up rapidly, and just now got some more - and am realizing I should have probably bought a much larger decant. I get a lot of vodka, honey, and amber (oh, and...beeswax? is that the same as honey?) out of this one - definitely some leather, too, and I like how the leather stays close to the skin. I can't say I can pick out the other notes that people on the internet seem to get from it (champagne, coriander, incense, tea, etc.), but I am also getting over a cold. I like this one a lot.

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Today: Jubilation XXV - probably the most well-composed and complex incense fragrances ever made.
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Creed Aventus. Couldn't resist, had to buy a bottle. Is my work scent.
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