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I don't actually know how many I own, but it's more than 400. Approximately 40 are full bottles. Since I have so much stuff, I don't think it's a good idea to buy too many bottles; I'd never finish them. I will buy bottles if they're a good deal though, or if I really love the scent. Most of the rest are decants of various sizes. I think I only own ten or so minis.

SOTE is A*Men Parfums de Cuir. This is the familiar caramely A*Men spine with some leather. In other words, it's what the name suggests it is. This is odd to say for any of the Angels, but I actually wish it were quite a bit denser than it is. It feels really watered down to me compared to the others.
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Yesterday: Gucci Pour Homme, Tom Ford era. It was really humid in San Francisco yesterday, so this dry incense really acted differently compared to my past experiences.
Last Night: Memoir Man - what I have to say has already been said. Amen.
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Vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur today.

Starting Sunday is National Op Shop Week here. To get in the mood, I'm wearing as many op shop outfits as I can for a week. I thought I'd top it off with a scent I bought in an op shop as well.
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Pre-shower: Red Vetiver. Many people say that this smells very much like Terre d'Hermès. Those people are right.
SOTD: Bijou Romantique. A dry, chocolatey (iris) vetiver scent. This is one of the scents I have a full bottle of.
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SOTE is 1969 Parfum de Revolte. It's been a long time since I've worn this. It's very strange. It is a sparkly peach and rose with sweet chocolate and patchouli. If you imagine TF Noir de Noir with peach, you'll be in the ballpark.
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Hey all, few quick things...

1. If you're interested in Dior Private Collection, 30ml decant in atomizer of either Mitzah or Oud Ispahan please let me know ASAP. I'm in NYC just for the weekend and Bergdorfs has the 125ml sizes and I'm debating getting them, and will pick them up if someone wants a 30ml off them. Getting the Oud anyway, but debating about the Mitzah.

2. SOTD Dior Vetiver. Smelled this a few times and wearing it all day now. Well, it's a good solid vetiver, more in the citrus green side and somewhat wet. Doesn't go particularly warm, or dry and smokey. Honestly, it's a little boring. It's well composed, lasts all day and projects well enough, but really just doesn't add anything to the category. They only have the 250ml bottles available (will be a special order from France) and I'm just not sold... I've got Chanel Sycomore for the dry side, MPG Route de Vetiver for the earthy/dirty/rooty side, Guerlain's Vetiver for the citrus+tobacco side, also Ford Grey Vetiver for the citrus and tobacco, L'Artisan's Couer De Vetiver Sacre for the berries and vetiver... I mean what else is there? I've tried to warm nutty vetivers like Mona Di Orio, Fat Electrician, Vetiver Tonka, and Diptyque Veteverio (?), etc and will get something in that range (Mona's?)...

guys, sell me on this if it's possible. what am I missing here? It's pleasant but entirely unremarkable IMO.

3. New split just posted - the now discontinued and getting rare LAVENDER PALM -

added - oh hey what's the story with Tauer Rose de Khandahar or something? I've got a sample and it's a beautiful soft rose saffron thing or something, really nice but I've seen a couple of stores with Tauer and they've never heard of this one. I knew it was a limited edition but was it just through his website or something?

and Kilian Apple Brandy, same thing, Bergdorfs had no idea what I was talking about.... Anyone?
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Dior Vetiver is my favorite vetiver, but I am not really a fan of that note. What I like about it is exactly what you mention: it's citrusy and not smoky or dry. I don't honestly think it's going to add anything absolutely essential to your vetiver collection.

I wonder if HORNS has an opinion?

My SOTD is Une Rose Chyprée.
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My understanding is that Une Rose de Kandahar was never available at retail locations in North America. I think it was available at stores in Europe, but I think most people who got bottles got them through the website.

I'm a big fan. It took me a while to get it, but now I smell it as being very roughly in the loukhoum category of fragrances.
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I thought Apple Brandy was pretty new...maybe they just haven't gotten it in yet...

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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Dior Vetiver is my favorite vetiver, but I am not really a fan of that note. What I like about it is exactly what you mention: it's citrusy and not smoky or dry. I don't honestly think it's going to add anything absolutely essential to your vetiver collection.

I wonder if HORNS has an opinion?

My SOTD is Une Rose Chyprée.

Fucking right, I have and opinion, Masster-Classter. And I'linc.

Sushi:Food::Dior Vetiver:Vetiver Fragrances - to a degree, and let me explain. The vetiver in Dior's is fine, and probably had some "dirtiness" molecules taken out in the lab. Or maybe there's a obscure plot grown in chalky soil somewhere in India that produces this vetiver. One could go on. But Vetiver is elegantly plain with just enough depth (Fragrantica states there is coffee in it) to make it a brownish gray and light avocado green scent. It's, to me, a toned-down Vetiver Extraordinaire.
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Tonight I layered Gucci Pour Homme (Tom Ford's) over Kolnisch Juchten - I smell like . . . I don't know what I smell like.
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SOTE is Divine by Divine. It's an old school, indolic white floral with peach. It's very elegant.
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Another op shop scent today: Bulgari Eau The Rouge. Being National Op Shop Week, of course I went to the op shop, and found more fragrances!

L-R: Sisley Soir de Lune, Prada Infusion d’Iris (2), Lentheric Finesse (discontinued), Nocturnes de Caron, Carthusia Io Capri (BNIB, shrink-wrapped), Polo, Vera Wang for men, Lolita Lempicka, Chopard Wish. The Io Capri is still shrink-wrapped.

Later on I had an even better find at an antiques market. NIB.

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Wow, good find! The old houndstooth bottle Miss Dior, even in the EdT, is wonderful. Lots of oakmoss civety stink! Enjoy. smile.gif

What size bottle is that? I had a similar one with the stopper top years back in 100ml.
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Anyone have a recommendation for a fragrance that's similar to L'Artisan Parfumeur's Dzing? I like the leathery, vanilla notes in there, but the scent stays too close to my skin. Looking for a new summer fragrance, but don't want anything too fruity. Suggestions?
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