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Oud Wood today, from a decant. The wife hated it.

I had an amazing day at the market yesterday: NIB Eau de Gentiane Blanch, full boxed Rochas Femme and a near full large bottle of Bleecker St. (Bond is not sold in Australia, BTW). Also a bunch of designer minis, including two vintage Gucci Homme.
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Put some Knize Ten on this evening because I wanted the lingering Ylang 49 to flower-up the floral components in Knize Ten.
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SOTE is Chanel 1932. It is definitely in line with the Chanel aesthetic. It's an elegant, bright aldehydic floral featuring iris and ylang. (I notice that other reviewers don't emphasize those floral notes, but they're the ones that leap out to me.)
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Today: Comme des Garcons Blue Santal - I really like this fragrance, but can definitely see why someone would not like it at all. First, it stays on me, with me still getting whiffs seven hours after applying it. It's woody alright, but also has that signature CdG synthetic feel.
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Thoughts on Noir by Tom Ford? I'm getting a sweet powder scent with a hint of petrol.


Kind of like it, but not sure it's going to last long on my skin.


I actually love my aftershave—Floid Blue—and need to find that in EDT. Classic barbershop scent for me.

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I'm not a big fan to be honest; it's one of the few full bottle purchases I somewhat regret. It's a very dry, spicy and leathery scent with lots of pepper at the top. Sweeter amber notes emerge shortly thereafter, but I still find the effect to be dry and brittle. Lots of people describe it as powdery, but to me it's more chalky. It definitely gets more powdery as it dries down, though.

EDIT: I put some on to check my memory. It does become sweeter and more floral in the middle notes, which is nice. But the opening is quite unpleasant to me.
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Today I'm wearing some vintage Versace L'Homme that I found in an op shop. First time I tried this I thought my skin reacted a bit, so I've left it alone. Trying it again, it seems to be behaving itelf, which is good. It's a pretty good scent: a stong leather with just a bit of lemon cutting through it. Big tick for the office in winter.
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YSL L'Homme today...

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Pre-shower: Acteur. This is a big '80s dark, spicy rose.
SOTD: Kilian Amber Oud.
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Tonight, Masque Milano Tango. Its a rich, animalic floral oriental with pronounced rum and tobacco notes. Really good stuff, but for winter.

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Tonight: Yohji Homme - the initial fragrance and not the re-release. It's anise done perfectly. Unless you're an anise freak, like I am with vetiver and leather, I think you only need one and this is a perfect one to have. Hermes Brin de Reglisse would be another one to consider, though I'm not a big fan.
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SOTE is Rose 31. It's weird, it seems like such a long time ago now when this was the scent that all the cool kids were raving about. If I were naming it, it would be Pepper 31 (or Poivre 31 I guess). But there's a lot going on in this one. It's spicy, with a healthy dose of cumin, which definitely gives it a bit of a dirty feel. There's rose too, of course, but it plays more of a supporting role. I was never a huge fan of this, mainly because I wanted more rose. It's been quite a while since I've worn it, and I'm actually enjoying it more than I did before, mainly because of the cumin I think.
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I ended up putting two decants of rose 31 into the swap box a few years ago. I liked it then suddenly I hated it. Then I was at a dinner a few months back and was sitting next to someone that was wearing an intriguing scent that I knew but couldn't place. I finally asked and it was rose 31 (layered with something I forget now). Scents take on such different characters depending in context, distance and how strongly they're applied. On me I get a harsh, flat, unbalanced peppery quality from rose 31; from a distance it was kinda charming. Still too light on the rose.

Speaking of rose, I'm wearing aromatics elixir. It's been in heavy rotation. I like these scents that take hours to fully bloom.
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Pre-shower: Hammam Bouquet. This is an old-fashioned scent with a sharp lavender opening that dries down to a very powdery musky rose.
SOTD: Lipstick Rose. Powdery violet and rose.
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Xerjoff Zafar today. I had my usual skin reaction to yesterday's Versace L'Homme, dammit.
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