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TPC also has a 4th of July sale. And as always, they undercut STC's discount by a small amount. 15%, code: FIREWORKS2014 (no other discount codes can be applied)
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SotD: Verde Bosco di Firenze
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Lys Fume. This is a nice, well-rounded floral with lily in the lead role. There's also a healthy dose of ylang, which I hadn't picked out the first few times I wore this. That's one of my favorite floral notes, and it really makes a valuable contribution to this scent.
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Another newbie from the sales that are going on everywhere around here. Lagerfeld Classic. The juice suggests “orange” and that’s what gets delivered in the opening, with a powdery note. That’s quickly subsided into a full-on tobacco scent.
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Does it remind you at all of Fumerie Turque? Kafkaesque made the comparison in his review of Fumerie Turque (although he was referring to the older version called Lagerfeld Cologne).
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Haven’t tried Turque, so I can’t comment on that. It’s not quite as strong with the tobacco now, and has dried down to a lighter amber scent with a bit of vanilla.
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SOTE is Aqua Sextius by Jul et Mad. It's similar to Womanity, but more complex. Salty fig scent with marine notes.
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Scent of the early morning / last night's leftovers:  Aedes de Venusta Oeilet Bengale, a very spicy carnation+rose+incense combo that I'm really liking.


This morning, it will be MFK Absolue Pour le Matin, because its morning.

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Lalique - Encre Noire. Haven't worn this in a while. Didn't recall that it had such potent projection.
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L'Humaniste today. Bottled happiness.
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Another sales find today. Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo.

Thought I’d just add some comments. This is a really nice find; I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its longevity. It’s about 6 hours since i put it on, and am still getting a citrus-dominated scent on the wrists, with the woods and resins yet to really take over. This has the potential to be a very long-lived scent; we’ll see.
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Last Night: Dzing! - I got a split from here and a full bottle from Basenotes, with the latter having the older non-octagonal but instead round flared cap. Great fragrance and I'm glad I have a surplus.

Today: Portrait of a Lady - got some compliments on this one today. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Dirty rose, from the patchouli, yet brightened by red berries. This sample has less, though, incense/oud than the bottle I sold. I wish I had that bottle back.
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TF Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. This is definitely similar to the regular Black Orchid, but it's less jammy and dense. Also, as the name suggests, the floral notes are more prominent, especially the gardenia.

I still need to try the new Velvet Orchid. Have any of you guys sampled it yet?
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Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post

L'Humaniste today. Bottled happiness.

This one is High on my Try List this summer.


Today, a beautify, warm, breezy mid-summer gem, I choose ELDO Fils de Dieu. Its a  unique and completely enjoyable blend of elements from 3 genres--classic EdC, beachy/tropical and oriental spicy. Delicious. 

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Pre-shower: Absolue pour le Matin. This contains a couple of notes I don't typically enjoy, including thyme and violet. The thyme is especially prominent, and that prevents me from really enjoying this one.

SOTD: Louve (Serge Lutens). Powdery, bitter almond and cherry. If I'm in the right mood, I love this one; otherwise, I still find it pleasant. It really works better as a fall and winter scent. It makes a great comfort scent because it's so soft.
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