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Today wearing Bond #9 Scent of Peace for him. Yep, it's a bit of an Aventus knockoff. Huge projection for an hour or two then pretty minimal. More fruity, less ashy (boo). I get that green apple pineapple vibe with some cedarwood undertone. Meh, it's actually pretty decent and I'd say worth around $100-150 give or take. Meaning better than regular dept store cologne but not quite good niche territory. For people with money who aren't too discerning (ie Bond's customers) it'll probably turn into a strong seller.
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GIT, today.
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M7 today. Winter has arrived for real, so goodbye to all of you prissy citrus and oceanic pretenders..
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Sables today
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Pre-shower: Washington Square
SOTD: Lipstick Rose (for a night at the opera).
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erm, just something on my mind... forgive me if this seems presumptuous but I find myself thinking what's the point of simply posting the name of the scent of what I'm wearing. Is it a tally? am I just showing off or fishing for a response? Am I just racking up post count?

my intention, and my ask to all of you if I may be so bold, is to write some sort of description, review, comment, etc along with the name. I try not to write essays, or paste the list of accords, etc, but I've decided that if I'm going to post here what I'm wearing and bump the thread, I might as well actually contribute by talking about the scent, my thoughts, comparisons, prices, etc so you my fellow readers can get some value from my experience rather than just reading a short factual statement about what I'm wearing. Instead of just posting and then like 1/10 someone actually has to fish and say well what did you think? etc...

I'm not trying to kill the thread, and if you don't want to write anything, then fine, do whatever you want, but at least me, I'm going to commit to actually trying to write something useful for all of you to make this a discussion thread, a value added etc instead of just me randomly posting whatever I'm wearing.
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On vacation for a week, finally someplace warm so I'm wearing Terre d'Hermes for a week (along with Lumier Blanche). The Terre is from 2005 and smells so much better than the shrieky current one. It's been well over a year since I have worn it.
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This one deserves much more love and praise than it receives. Many people say it's merely a pepper bomb, but I disagree. The pepper is indeed here, and the star of the show, however, the light benzoin sweetness, woods, and the semi-dirty smoky patchouli make this one AWESOME! Anyways, the sprayer sucks, so it takes about 7 to 8 sprays to get the desired results.

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Agree with M-C's post above. This is what we do in the book thread, and I think it would help others here learn from you more experienced guys.

al-Rehab Saat Safa today. This is a cheapie that I found in an op shop, so it was no skin off my nose if it's no good. So far it's a medicinal oudh, with very little to show by way of the rose that's supposed to be there. I'm thinking that rose/oudh scents are just right for the cold snap we are in right now. (Yes, I know Melbourne doesn't really do winter, but these things are relative, aren't they?).
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I think I used to do up a brief summary when I posted more, at least the first time I would wear something. Anyway I received a package with a split of Lutens Arabie. To be honest I'd been kinda warned against this one, as well as heard raves from others so when the split came up at a good rate, I bit. Along with Chergui, but I know that one already.

So, Arabie isn't quite what I'd hoped so far. It's wearing as spicy fruit, incense, and the dry powdery bubble gum note from those old wax packs of Bazooka gum (see also YSL Opium). That said, Lutens evolve slowly and sometimes take odd twists and turns, tomorrow it may be singing angels and sunbeams parting the clouds.
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Originally Posted by rossoz View Post

First time to wear a Tom Ford...


Jasmine Rouge


Wow, this stuff is much stronger than anything I've ever worn.  I hope it evaporates a little before the party arrives.



It did calm down after about 1 to 2 hours and I enjoyed wearing it.  I also received a compliment from a female companion.


I only wish it did not have the $150+ price tag.  I'll treasure my sample.   I would comment on the specific impression, but I would have no idea what I'm talking bout.



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SOTD - Bond. No 9 Montauk - this is from an FB I got....not a huge fan...its very sweet with lots of blueberry and citrus...honestly thats about all I get from this scent....I will probably give this away to my sister...or some other girl


SOTE - Helmut Lang Cuiron - I have pretty much resigned myself to wearing this one occassionally in the comfort of my home purely for my own enjoyment...the leather is amazing!

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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

On vacation for a week, finally someplace warm so I'm wearing Terre d'Hermes for a week (along with Lumier Blanche). The Terre is from 2005 and smells so much better than the shrieky current one. It's been well over a year since I have worn it.

My view of Lumiere Blanche has  been evolving. First time I tried it, for whatever reason, it didn't make much of an impression and seemed to be gone quickly. Second time, it didn't wow me, but I decided I there was something I had missed the first time that I sort of liked.

Third time was a charm. Really liked it. I'm a sucker for iris. Now I'm hunting for a bottle.


Tonight for me: La Via del Profumo Tartar Leather. Rich, smoky, sweet leather. That smoky sweetness smells a lot like  roasted almonds to me. Its also boozy at times. And there is a well blended civet note, not too skanky at all. 

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Creed Bois Du Portugal



Goddamnit I love this juice!

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^ give Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Parfums de Nicolaii New York a try

also, spam[1].gif, guys I just did a MAJOR update of the fragrances I have for sale so take a look. Link in my sig below.
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