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SOTD is YSL L'Homme.


I got a sample of Bleu de Chanel this weekend and tried it...I wasn't very impressed.


Thanks for letting me know about pre-shower...I thought it might have been some sort of routine to layer it or something...haha

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Jil Sander Man today.

This was an impulse buy about a year ago, as I was inspired by their boutique in SoHo. I never wore once I took it home, as I assumed it was too retail and standard. So far, I'm impressed. I'm getting a powdery, floral, light forest feel from it. Makes me want to go outside and enjoy a glass of white wine.
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Today: CdG Blue Santal.
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Byredo Mister Marvelous today. Longevity is not so marvelous.
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Vintage Givenchy Gentleman today. Essence of Man, as somebody described this to me.
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Pre-shower: Rose Etoile de Hollande
SOTD: Eau d'Hermès--a perennial favorite and also the first fragrance I ever posted to SOTD oh so many years ago.
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Tonight, Shanghai Lily

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^^ How do you like it?
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Tonight: Cuir Garamante - I haven't worn this sample for a while, and get this intense powder beginning, and I wonder if the juice inside the sprayer mechanism, after a while, can change or oxidize relative to the rest of it.
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Cooler weather finally hitting, ambre sultan today
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SOTD Amouage Reflection Man
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Today: Cuir Garamante - again because even after I showered I could smell it on me, so I did a small spray. Fuck, this stuff is strong.
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Creed, Green Irish Tweed. Wonderful, sophisticated scent. Can't go wrong with such a classic.

Now that I'm frequenting this thread a little more, I can't help but notice mentions of more esoteric, non-brand name brands. Are there any reference sites or go-to'd you'd recommend to help expand one beyond the Creed's, Hermes', and Dior's of the world?
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Basenotes, Fragrantica
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